What breed is Mina’s dog Frank? Get Your Pet Thinking

She Kinda Tried to Project-Manage Her Son’s Birth

The mom-to-be was induced in her 39th week of pregnancy, and while she knew her body was playing by its own rules, Mina gonna Mina: as she told People, she might have tried to negotiate with her birth team to score an eleventh-hour C section and an “8-8-18” birthday for baby Jack: “I actually asked [the nurse], it was like a half hour before midnight, and I was like, ‘Can we make some calls here? [We’d love to] get that birth date if we could.’” Alas, delivery rooms aren’t that kind of job site — but you can’t blame her for trying.

Can a dog’s stomach dissolve a bone?

The good news though is that a dog’s stomach acid can digest or dissolve a bone in many cases. Small bones are usually dissolved by acid in the stomach and pass without problem. However, there is still a risk that cooked chicken bones can splinter when chewed and then cause perforations in the intestine.

She Stands Up for Her Fur Family

Mina Starsiak Hawk (R) and her husband Steve Hawk (L) pose with their baby, Jack, and their dogsBeatrice (L, brown), Sophie (C, grey) and Frank (R, white) at Garfield Park in Indianapolis as seen on HGTVs Good Bones.

Mina and her husband’s dogs are part of her tribe, and she won’t stand for social-media concern trolls who gasp at the idea that their beloved pup Frank spends quality time with their son. As she told People, “People love to share their opinions before you have kids, but I feel like afterward everyone has negative, or positive, or some kind of opinion about everything[.]” Thanks, but no thanks: “In a lighthearted way, I [say], ‘I know you really want to, but if you can just try to refrain from saying that my evil pit bull will eat my [son] that would be lovely.’”

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