What breed of dog is Myron? The Ultimate Guide

What kind of dog does Kylie Jenner have?

Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi are her most well known pets. Jenner doesn’t often share photos of her pets on her own Instagram grid, generally, but Norman and Bambi have their own Instagram account where all her dogs have been featured.

The third shot of Myron was taken from behind, and is tinted in classic black and white. Seems like hes waiting patiently for something and being a very, very good boy. Next, theres a close-up of Myron looking too cute. Hes perfectly perched on a black guitar case, puppy-dog eyes staring straight into the camera.

The final photo is of Myron and Grande, and this one might actually make you laugh. Grandes in bed, two disheveled, small buns atop her head, with Myron reaching up to play. “I dont exactly remember what happened here,” Grande captioned the shot, “but id be doing a disservice by not sharing this with you. I think he chewed my buns while I was sleeping or something.”

“happy two years of myron,” Grande captioned the clip, followed by a black heart and lightening bolt emoji. “dunno what id do without him.”

In fact, Myron means so much to Grande, that she got the dogs name permanently inked on her ankle in place of one shed previously gotten with her ex, Pete Davidson. Myron no doubt misses Miller more than anyone can imagine, but hes clearly in good hands with Grande. Now, wipe those tears away and go celebrate his Adoption Day.More like this

The first post came in the form of a short video, where it appears as if Grande might be looking down on the pup while running on a treadmill. Hes sitting dutifully between the machine and a window, watching her while she gets her exercise on.

What happened to Mac Miller’s dog Ralph?

During season 2, fans will introduced to Ralphie and Lauren, Mac’s adorable dogs. … Unfortunately, Mac and Ralphie, are no longer together. During our interview the Watching Movies rapper made a sad revelation. “In real life, he recently got dog-napped actually,” Miller said somberly.

Ariana Grande adopted Mac Miller’s dog Myron and still has him. After the couple broke up, Myron stayed with Ariana Grande, and it was confirmed that she was taking care of his dog.

Every Dog Breed Explained (Part 1) | WIRED

Ariana Grande has an immense love for animals and one time said she prefers them to people. The “Rain On Me” singer is fond of rescue dogs and over the years has adopted more than 10 of them, providing each with a forever home.

It can be hard to keep up because at times, she has rehomed them with her family members or friends, but word is she visits the ones who no longer live with her. However, dogs are not the only pets Grande snuggles with when at home. Here’s a look at who’s part of her currently animal family.

Sweet Coco is a music video vixen and she is a regular in Grande’s Instagram feed. According to Modern Dog Magazine, she’s a German shepherd/dachshund mix. She was the first in Grande’s adopted brood.

Toulouse joined Grande’s pet crew in 2013. The Chihuahua/beagle mix is a Vogue cover star and famously accompanied the pop princess for her first appearance on the US version of the magazine in 2019.

He was the second dog she adopted and is frequently seen in her music videos. Toulouse once scored a gig with Coach too. Those are some major achievements!

The cute Yorkshire terrier was welcomed into Grande’s life in 2015. She adopted him from an Oklahoma rescue group while out on tour.

Snape was adopted along with Lily in July 2019, and the pair made their debut on Grande’s Instagram story at the same time to a chorus of “Awww!” online.

Like her Harry Potter counterpart Snape above, Lily was just a puppy when she was welcomed into the family last summer.

Chihuahua Pignoli is one of Grande’s tiniest doggies, and he was a special gift given to her by her mother on National Puppy Day. He’s been in the gang since 2017.

Myron is the pup Grande shared with ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. The pit bull mix moved in with her sometime in 2017 and after Grande and Miller split, she kept Myron. Following Miller’s death, Grande got a “Myron” tattoo. He’s only a few years old.

Lady pit bull Cinnamon is one of Grande’s most laidback pooches and she is featured in the singer’s Instagram photo logs all the time. Cinnamon has been part of the Grande pet family since 2014.

Like something straight out of your favorite dog movie, Lafayette is a bloodhound who Grande is often seen cuddling in social media snaps. She’s had him since 2016.

Last but not least is her other four-legged fur baby, Piggy Smallz. Yes, he is a pig. Piggy is often seen in selfies and videos with Grande and was a gift from ex, Pete Davidson.