What Can I Feed My Pitbull Puppy To Gain Muscle

Mix the puppy food with warm water or puppy formula to form a mush that your little pit bull can eat. Start out with a mix of 75-percent liquid to 25-percent wet or dry puppy food. Over the course of four-to-six weeks, slowly increase the amount of food by 25 percent and decrease the liquid by the same amount.

A Quick Look at Our Top Picks in 2022

Product Details
Best Overall Winner The Farmers Dog Chicken Dog Food
  • Contains human-grade meat
  • Made fresh to suit the calorie needs of your dog
  • Recipe uses fresh vegetables
  • Best Value Second place Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food
  • Contains probiotics
  • High in protein
  • Affordable
  • VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food
  • Contains 88% meat protein
  • Formulated for sporty dogs
  • Suitable for puppies, pregnant dogs, and lactating females
  • Best for Puppies Purina ONE Natural Dry Puppy Food
  • Contains DHA, a protein found in mothers’ milk
  • Contains real chicken
  • Also ideal for pregnant and lactating female
  • Vet’s Choice Purina Pro Plan Performance Dry Dog Food
  • Contains real beef
  • Specific to high energy dogs
  • Live probiotics
  • Elite K9 Nutrition Max Bully Dog Food – Premium Choice

    If you are looking for a premium dog food that absolutely delivers when it comes to building healthy weight and muscle, check out the Elite K9’s Maximum Bully food. It has multiple animal protein and fat sources, as well as plant-based proteins specially paired for muscle growth.

    We especially love the careful attention Elite K9 pays to balancing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. Elite K9 has properly portioned these already super healthy nutrients so they work together to boost your pup’s energy, muscle growth, and whole-body development. Smart and effective!

    However, for the high price, we wish that there were more whole foods in this kibble. Nearly all the nutrient-dense fruits and veggies come from dried sources — still good for your dog, but the drying process loses a ton of those good nutrients. And, once again, this food is an adult dog food formula.

    Given the lack of whole foods, the adult dog formulation, and the high price tag it is inadvisable to start your Pit Bull puppy on this food before you talk to your veterinarian. Pros

  • Specially formulated to build healthy muscle
  • First two ingredients are animal protein
  • Contains probiotics to aid digestion
  • High-quality grains only – no wheat, soy, or corn
  • Cons

  • For adult dogs
  • Most expensive on our list
  • The 5 Best Foods for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Muscle

    The Wellness brand of dog food almost always makes it to the top of our list. The company is committed to high-quality ingredients, and carefully balances the vitamins and minerals in each batch for maximum nutritional value.

    And this blend is high protein and full of good fats, which means it will support your Pit Bull puppy’s joints, brain development, as well as strong muscle and bone growth.

    One of the best parts about Wellness CORE puppy food is that it does not have any filler grains that may upset your pup’s tummy. It is almost completely made from natural, whole-food ingredients which are so much better for your dog than additives and cornmeal.

    The Wellness brand is on the expensive side, but if you really want to help your Pit Bull puppy grow big and strong, Wellness CORE dog food is one of the best options out there and comes in top spot for best dog food for your Pitbull puppy! Pros

  • Formulated specifically for large breed puppies
  • First ingredient is deboned chicken
  • No by-products, or artificial dyes or preservatives
  • Animal protein plus nutritional supplements to support muscle growth
  • Full of natural, nutrient-dense whole foods including vegetables and fruit
  • No grains or filler ingredients
  • Cons


    What can I feed my puppy to gain muscle?

    When it comes to increased muscle mass specifically, active dogs can benefit from a high protein diet or real meat. Raw diets are an alternative to dry kibbles. They consist of various raw meats, bones, vegetables, and supplements. Beef and chicken are ideal for this.

    What food should I feed my pitbull puppy?

    Pitbull puppies need dog chow that is 22% to 32% protein.

    Pitbull food should have high-quality animal proteins. Eggs, fish, poultry, turkey, duck, or rabbit are good choices.

    What can I feed my pitbull to gain muscle?

    Without further ado, here are five proven ways to make your Pitbull more muscular:
    1. Provide your Pitbull with the proper diet and meal plan. …
    2. Include exercise in your dog’s routine. …
    3. Focus on high-intensity cardio training. …
    4. Give your Pitbull dietary supplements. …
    5. Do weight training activities.