What can I get at Starbucks for my dog? Essential Tips

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Judging from the Instagram hashtag #puppuccino, which has over 20,000 posts, dogs love the sweet treat.

• Starbucks has a secret menu item just for dogs.• Its called the “puppuccino” and is an espresso cup filled with whipped cream.

Turns out that one of Starbucks lesser known secret menu items is called the “puppuccino,” and, as the name suggests, its for dogs.

How Do You Order a Puppuccino?

This is one menu item you can’t order through your Starbucks app—just tell your barista you have your dog along for the ride and they would very much like a Puppuccino (or a pup cup, or just a small cup of whipped cream). They’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

What can I get at Starbucks for my dog?

While your dog should usually stick dog food and treats, there’s nothing wrong with the Puppuccino as a special treat. Unless your dog has digestive issues, in which case it’s probably best to skip the dairy. Too much dairy for any dog can lead to tummy troubles, so stick to one cup per pup!

If you’re worried about whether you can give your dog a li’l whipped cream, consider running it past your vet first.

What can I get at Starbucks for my dog?

What is a Puppuccino?

A Puppuccino is just a small amount of whipped cream served in an espresso cup that you can get at Starbucks — and dog parents everywhere love grabbing them to give their dogs a little treat when they get their own favorite Starbucks drinks.

I Took My Puppy To Get A STARBUCKS PUPPACCINO *funny*

Call them puppuccinos or pup cups, this sweet dollop of whipped cream in a small cup has become a hugely popular treat for the canine set.

Oh, but no. It’s so much more. It’s the thrill of going to a well known establishment and getting something FREE… FOR YOUR DOG!

Where’s the fun in buying a can of cool whip and giving it to your pup alone? At home. So, it’s more about the getting of the puppuccino from an establishment, and well, who can resist watching a dog lap up that foamy goodness. Bonus points when a smidgen of cream gets stuck on the puppers nose. Weee!

So today we’re going to list all of the places you can go to get a (usually) free Pup Cup for your dog. If you know about a place that gives away puppuccinos that’s not listed here, please mention it below in the comments and we’ll add it.