What can I give my aging dog? Tips and Tricks

Reusable potty pads you can throw in the washer

Eco-friendly consumers love these washable dog pee pads, which replace disposable paper pads nicely. Whether you want to use this as a travel pee pad or a place for your senior dog to relieve themselves inside if necessary, the reusable pads are very versatile. With subtle colors and quilting detail, the washable pads blend in with decor seamlessly. The proprietary WickQuick fabric blend is designed to absorb and hold liquid better than other options. I like that these pee pads are backed by a 2-year warranty and 100% money back guarantee, too. More than 3,000 Amazon reviewers back up these reusable potty pads.

Tip 1: Keep Your Senior Dog Active

As dogs age, it’s important that they continue to get plenty of exercise. If they dont move it, they lose it. Muscle mass is the main driver of metabolism, and dogs that lose muscle mass develop frailty syndrome, which accelerates the aging process.

If a dog’s activity level gradually decreases over time, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Owners of old dogs should watch for subtle signs of pain and visit a veterinarian to come up with an ideal treatment plan. Pet parents still think that slowing down is normal for old age. It isnt always the case—it is indicative of untreated pain.

Dog monitors that attach to a dog collar, such as the Whistle 3 dog GPS tracker and activity monitor, are useful tools that are designed to help pet parents keep tabs of their dog’s activity level. If activity levels are low, dog owners can adjust a pet’s exercise routine to include more playtime or longer walks.

Keeping your senior dog active will also help prevent weight gain. Keeping your dog thin is the most important thing you can do to help minimize the effects of arthritis.

1 A balanced premade food designed especially for their sensitive and picky tummy.

What can I give my aging dog?

Caring For Senior Dogs. Things You Must Change As Your Dog Gets Older!

As our pet companions grow older, they are likely to find themselves with different dietary requirements or tastes. Here, our Apple Valley vets address your questions about geriatric pet care as well as what the best dog food for older dogs is.