What can I use to clean my dogs bed? Get Your Pet Thinking

Dogs Beds With Removable Covers

When washing dog beds, you’ll want to wash both the dog bedding and the removable cover. To clean a dog bed with a removable cover first take off the cover and double-check the label to see if it can be machine washed. If it can, wash it as you usually would, keeping in mind the following tips:

  • Before washing, vacuum your dog bed to get rid of any excess dirt or fur.
  • Use a non-toxic detergent that’s safe for pets.
  • Wash at the highest temperature to kill off bacteria.
  • Use an extra cycle to make sure that all of the detergent is washed off.
  • Air dry the bed or put it in the dryer at a low heat – do not use dryer sheets.
  • Clean the machine of any lingering dirt or pet hair by running the washer on empty with one cup of vinegar .
  • For dog bed covers that aren’t machine washable, you’ll want to wash by hand and follow the same steps you would for dog beds with non-removable covers. Looking for an amazingly comfy bed for your dog that’s easy for you to keep clean? Look no further than Casper’s memory foam dog beds. These pup-friendly beds come with a durable nylon covering that protects your pet’s bed and is machine washable. You (and your dog) can rest easy knowing you’ve given your furry friend the best and most hygienic in sleep technology.

    How Often Should You Clean Your Dog’s Bed?

    Contrary to popular belief, dog beds need regular cleaning. “We recommend washing all bedding every two weeks at least,” says Tina Wismer, DVM, Senior Director, ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

    That said, that frequency might vary depending on a number of factors including how much time your dog spends outside, how much he sheds, and if someone in your home suffers from a pet allergy.

    How Often Should You Wash A Dog Bed?

    Washing your dog’s bed once a week can keep it clean and free of fleas and dander.

    If your dog goes out for walks, mud, dirt or feces might accumulate on their bed. Apart from washing, you can use a vacuum to remove the fur and dust from the entire bed. It can save you from having to frequently wash the bed.

    Hacks to Cleaning a Dog Bed

    What is the very best way to clean a dog bed when you cant remove the cover?

    We love our dogs. They are the perfect housemate, always welcoming us home with a level of joy and excitement that human roommates just can’t match.

    They are great listeners, never butting in to give their two cents, and their love is truly unconditional.

    It is estimated that nearly 80 million dogs are making their human roommates’ lives better just in the U.S. That is close to half the homes in America.

    The American Pet Products Association estimates that owners will spend over $62 billion on their pets this year, with nearly $20 billion going to medicines, supplies and veterinary care alone. So we do not just love our dogs, we take good care of them too.

    However, there is one spot in caring for our dogs that is routinely overlooked, and it is a spot where they spend a lot of their time — their beds.

    However, waiting until your pooch’s smelly dog bed demands attention just make them harder to clean, and it may not be the best thing for your dog either.

    So we should all be cleaning our dog beds more often. Of course, some dog beds are easier to clean than others.

    However, many cheap dog beds do not have covers, but those need to be cleaned regularly as well.

    So what’s the best way to wash a dog bed without a cover that’s also safest for your dog?

    Here are some suggestions to get that stinky dog bed clean and smelling fresh, and keeping it that way, while keeping your dog feeling good.