What can you clean your dog’s ears out with? A Complete Guide

How often should you clean your dog’s ears?

What can you clean your dog’s ears out with?

How often you should clean your dogs ears will depend on a bunch of factors, including breed, activities, and health conditions like allergies. Long-eared dogs (like Rees basset hound Walter) are more susceptible to ear infections than other breeds, so they typically require more frequent cleanings. The same is true of avid swimmers—and active ranch dogs that have trouble staying out of the mud! On the other hand, some dogs hardly ever need their ears cleaned. In fact, over-cleaning can cause irritation and even infection, so if you arent sure if your dogs ears need to be cleaned, check with your vet.

How can you tell if your dog has an ear infection?

Removing mild dirt and wax buildup is something that most dog owners can handle at home, but if you notice signs of an infection youll want to go to the vet for proper treatment. Look out for redness, inflammation, a yeasty smell, and signs of pain when you pet or massage your dog around the ears.

How to introduce ear cleaning to your dog

What can you clean your dog’s ears out with?

Introduce ear cleaning gradually: Positive training should be used. You may need to go through the motions of this treatment procedure before you actually apply ear cleaner. Do this as many times as needed while rewarding your dog with treats. Always make sure theyre comfortable. If your dog is unpredictable and may bite, a muzzle may be helpful but only if they are properly introduced to your dog through desensitization.

Make sure your dog is relaxed: Always exercise your dog before you start a grooming session. This will make cleaning their ears a lot easier for both of you.

Set up an area to clean your dogs ears: Ear cleaning can be messy. You can use a towel and set up in your bathroom or even outdoors. I find cleaning outside is easiest as natural light helps when youre trying to clean the smaller areas of the ear flap.

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