What Did Greg Find Out About The Brain Guy

What happened at the end of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days?

Due to his injury, Greg is unable to play well in the competition and Rowley beats him. … The book concludes with Susan making a photo album and remembering the summer as the “best summer ever,” although Greg thinks the opposite.

What was the main problem in Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days?

The conflict of the book is Greg is trying to have a fun summer but fails at all attempts. Greg’s problem is external because he is just trying have a fun summer but he can because all he is doing is getting himself in trouble without trying to. On top of all that Rowely and Greg owe $98 to Rowely’s dad.

At school, a “Lock-In” is organized where boys and girls Gregs age have a supervised slumber party in the school auditorium. It turns out to be a disaster, in which there are nearly little to no girls, excess amounts of chaperones, all technology is confiscated, there are party games which bore Greg, and an incident occurs where the chaperones think one of Gregs team members of a game photographed their posterior until Tyson Sanders tells Mr. Tanner that the picture was actually of his elbow. The boys fart in their sleeping bags and Mr. Tanner tells them they need to go behind the curtain if they have to “pass gas”, so they start to make fart noises behind the curtain. When David Rosenburg brings a tuba from the music room, the heater turns off and the air conditioner goes on. Pretty soon, it is so cold in the auditorium that the boys pack themselves together “like sardines” to preserve body heat. At about one oclock in the morning, the boys notice a guy from the towing company towing Mr. Palmeros car, parked in a handicapped spot. They try to get his attention to break them out of the school, but he never hears them. At three, there is a pounding sound on the door that wakes all the kids up. There is a bunch of angry parents standing outside. Apparently, the parents were trying to call their kids, but due to Mr. Tanner taking the cell phones, they got into a panic because, of course, no one replied. The parents who came to the school take their kids home with them, leaving Greg and Rowley, the only two kids without cell phones.

In Health class, everyone in Gregs grade has to take Advanced Health, which covers what Greg calls some “top-secret” stuff. After a few days, Nurse Powell splits the girls and boys up for the day. She puts up a video for the boys to watch that talks about puberty, which Greg explains that it was possibly the same video Frank watched at Gregs age. The video turns out to be very gross and disgusting to Greg and especially Rowley. As a result, Greg theorizes that Rowley decides to stop playing with the “Cool Brian” guy, and avoids the older kids at school, because he is afraid that he is going to “catch puberty”. The same kind of thing happened last year when the teacher said that you will never know who will give you a cigarette and that it could be your best friend. After Rowley heard that he would not walk on the same side of the street as Greg for a solid month. Greg says does not need anyone to tell him not to smoke as his Grandpa convinced him last Thanksgiving. Greg thinks that Rowley is gonna be one of those kids who are a few years behind everyone else maturity-wise as he doesnt even know how to tie his shoes.

At this point, Susan stops going to college for now and returns to the family, much to Gregs delight. Also, Greg and Rowley ultimately become friends again after Greg decides to make the first move in patching things up instead of just waiting for Rowley to come to him. Greg says that he forgot what he fought about with Rowley. The book ends with him explaining that Rowley has grown a whole inch and a half since the summer, and he explains they can take it one step at a time and can be friends, at least until high school because Rowley can be a good person he can have at his side.

Greg is humiliated and bored at the wedding for many reasons. Mostly, Greg thought he was a groomsman at the wedding party and would have a good time when Susan had explained to Gammie that they are picking up Gregs tuxedo. However, during the day of the wedding, Greg is actually the Assistant Flower Boy, and he is actually wearing the same white tuxedo as Manny, much to Gregs dismay because he finds the job embarrassing and not as interesting as being a groomsman. After the wedding, Greg receives “The Talk” from Gammie, which he has been nervous about. Gammie explains to Greg the stress and horrors of becoming and being an adult and growing old both physically (such as pimples and, at old age, wrinkles) and mentally, which causes Greg to decide to enjoy his late childhood for now. As Gammie starts rolling down her sock, Greg excuses himself and leaves.

Greg hears Rowley tell some kid that he was going to concert, Greg is a bit jealous until he found out it was a Joshie one. Kids in Gregs grade post their pictures online and look like there having a better time then him, so he trys posting edited photos on the Internet in an attempt to try and convince people that his life is fun (which he doesnt, or at least not above average). However, he got caught by Susan when he was in the middle of recording a New Years Eve party. He mentions how one time Rodricks posts were causing people not hire him, so he replaces them with a post of him reading with glasses.


What did Greg decide to do as a gimmick?

What did Greg decide to do as a gimmick during the Peachy Breeze audition? Drub his belly and say, “Mmmm, it’s so good!”

What did Greg do when Rowley came for a sleepover?

When Rowley has a sleepover with Collin, Greg retaliates by going to Fregley’s house for a sleepover. When Fregley eats a bag of jelly beans and becomes manic, Greg locks himself in the bathroom until Fregley passes a note under the door with a booger on it.

What did Greg do with the dollar?

Greg later played an arcade Thunder Volt on which he had the highest score, later he pranked people by putting a dollar note through the hole of the boardwalk plank and whenever somebody would try to take it, he would pull it back in. Later they go back to the cabin.

What did Greg do because he was desperate?

Greg was desperate to get sugar, so he went to Rowley’s backyard and dug the time capsule out, and took it home. With the three-bucks and the things inside, he bought some snacks and played with some of the other things inside.