What did the dog throw up on your honor? A Complete Guide

What did the ending of your honor mean?

Despite all his efforts to save his son, selling his own soul and credibility in the process, Michael is unable to stop Adam from dying with the tragedy, in the end, being that Adam’s death was an accident.

Why did Kofi Jones plead guilty?

‘Your Honor’ Episode 2 ended with Kofi Jones (Lamar Johnson), a young Black man taking the blame for Adam’s (Hunter Doohan) crime of hit and run accident. When the judge asked how he pleads for the charges that he faces, Kofi said guilty because he saw his mother’s life being put at risk.


• You try to tell your friends that Your Honor isn’t a Breaking Bad knockoff and then there’s a whole sequence where Michael is considering slashing a gangster’s throat with a box cutter.

• You try to tell your friends that Your Honor isn’t a Breaking Bad knockoff and then Bryan Cranston tells his son that story about the butcher reserving some offal for the dog and it sounds like he’s explaining to Skylar and Walt Jr. why the house smells like gasoline.

• Costello uses a description of the lethal injection process to try to scare an early confession out of Carlo, to no avail. But she’s right about how often the procedure is botched and how the second drug, which induces paralysis, is really used to mask the unspeakable agony of the last drug. It’s our way of making an inhumane act appear peaceful. Here’s an explainer.

• Michael blaming a play session with his dog for the cut on his face is very Biden-esque.

• Baxter: “You know what I hate? Atlanta. Peaches. Peach trees. Peachtree Street … but nothing as much as people who break their promises.” Good episode, absolutely horrific piece of dialogue there.

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Set in New Orleans, ‘Your Honor’ is a show that hinges on the moral corruption of the characters, and it all starts when Adam Desiato kills the son of a mobster in an accidental hit and run. The teenager doesn’t know how to handle the situation, and so his father, Michael (Bryan Cranston), steps in and tries his best to protect his son. However, as time goes on, secrets unravel, and their lives may as well be in jeopardy. So, are you curious about the ending of episode 7? Well, we have got your back. SPOILERS AHEAD.

As Jimmy races home to warn Carlo about his impending arrest, the latter ignores his father’s calls. When he reaches the hotel, the police arrests Carlo. Fia, who witnesses this whole scene, is deeply disturbed by this and even goes to Adam for emotional support. Meanwhile, Nancy questions Carlo and leverages the drug charges in exchange for information about Kofi’s death. Although Carlo feigns ignorance, the detective states that it is a death penalty case and gives a rather discomforting description of what executions are like.

In the meantime, Michael and Frankie get rid of Trevor’s body, and it turns out that it is actually the judge’s birthday. On the other side of town, Fia and Jimmy talk about Carlo’s actions, his apparent guilt, and how the NOPD is not the most efficient organization of all time. Nancy then finds out that the Baxters already knew that they were on their way to arrest Carlo. Jimmy and Michael talk about Rocco’s death, and naturally, he doesn’t let the mobster know that Adam was behind the wheel. They even go on to have a rather honest yet intimidating conversation about parenthood, sins, morality, and the loss of a child.

At work, Michael presides over Carlo’s arraignment, during which Jimmy yells out expletives at the judge. Not only does Michael state that he will hold Jimmy in contempt of the court if he repeats this behavior, but the two also argue outside the courtroom. (While they don’t like each other, a part of this is just for show). Jimmy then goes to Big Mo and tells her that Carlo has been arrested and that the Baxters don’t do heroin. However, she states that they aren’t in the “problem-solving business,” implying that she should receive the product that she has paid for.