What does a dog think when they go deaf? Here’s the Answer

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Find food that fits your pet’s needs

When you first adopted your pet, you knew youd do anything to protect him and take care of him. Through the years, youve brought him to the veterinarian for annual checkups, the dog park for socialization and even vacations. Hes been a healthy pal for years, and you never imagined a day would come when the vet would have to tell you about hearing loss in dogs. But, here you are. Its time to relearn how to communicate with and keep your deaf dog safe.

Deafness in dogs can happen at any time, but it is most apparent when your dog stops reacting to common events: the doorbell ringing, the sound of you pouring his food for breakfast or calling his name to come. While deafness can be a hard thing to think about in your dog, it doesnt mean he cant still live a high-quality life and do all of the things that other dogs do, or even the things he used to do. It just means a change in approach to how you care for him, now cognizant of his hearing disability.

Deafness in Dogs