What does a dog’s slicker brush look like? Here’s the Answer

A slicker brush is a pet grooming tool which is designed to help remove mats while also pulling out dead hair and gently stimulating the skin, removing layers of dead skin cells and promoting healthy circulation. Many people like to use this type of brush at the end of a grooming session because it adds a distinct shine to the animals coat, and some animals enjoy the gentle scratching sensation.

To use a slicker brush, one simply runs the brush over the coat of the animal, working in the same direction as the grain of the hair. If you are using the brush to remove mats, use it slowly and start at the base of the mat to slowly detangle it, pulling out the dead and matted hair. If a mat is especially large or stubborn, plan to attack it in several stages, as prolonged brushing can irritate the skin and pull out healthy hair, making the animal uncomfortable.

When you buy a slicker brush, make sure to find a size which will work for your animal. You may also want to test the tines against the softer skin of your forearm to see how they feel at varying levels of pressure. Start with small slicker brush sessions to allow your animal to get used to the sensation; while many cats and dogs enjoy it, it can feel a bit strange at first.

The poor thing has more mats than not sometimes! I think a slicker brush will be a good way to go. I like how they seem to be gentle and will definitely test the pressure on my forearm. Hopefully this will save us from having the cat shaved down in the summer. Has anyone used a slicker brush to get out mats?

Avoid using slicker brushes around the face and on the ears. If your animal is shedding, pull hair out of the slicker brush as you use it to keep it effective, and consider getting a shedding slicker brush, which has tines at two heights to collect as much hair as possible. You can finish with a rub with a soft cloth if you like, although this is certainly not required.


Slicker brushes are used for dogs with long to medium coats, but these can be both small and large dogs. If you try to brush a large dog with a small brush, you’ll have to spend much longer on the task than if you were to have opted for the right size of brush.

Likewise, trying to brush a small dog with a large brush might cause you to miss those hard-to-reach areas such as behind the ears and over their legs. Depending on the size of your dog, get the right size of brush because it will make grooming easier.

Thank you for the question. Yofi is a real cutie! I am not able to advise you on the longevity of this brand of brush, but I can say that if any of the bristles are missing or broken it is time for a new one. I see the reviews say the brush lasts for a long time and the warranty appears to be six months. If the brush is not pulling on Yofis fur, keep using it. All the best!

Congratulations on your puppy! You are wise to begin the grooming process at an early age because doing so will help Maki to accept the process and sit nice and still for you. I would brush Maki daily with a slicker brush and at shedding time, add a grooming glove to the session. Get your puppy used to baths with a quick weekly dip in the tub (water only at this point, unless Maki rolls in something). A brush of the teeth daily or at least twice a week, and a clipping of the nails every two weeks. When Maki is older, and used to the bath, once a month or every few months is fine. Use a gentle, vet-approved shampoo so as not to strip the oils in the fur. Keep the brushing daily, and the tooth and nail care the same as well. Hope this helps!

Hello, I love Milos smile! I would give Milo a once over brushing with the slicker brush every other day to keep tangles out of his coat and to remove any debris he may pick up while outside playing. You can also use the pin brush now and then. Keep up the brushing on your own and then the grooming visits will go smoothly and be pretty straightforward. Its good to keep Milo used to the grooming process so he cooperates when he goes for trims. All the best to Milo!

Remember a slicker brush is perfect for tangles, knots, and mats. Keep your dog looking beautiful while de-shedding and getting rid of the tangled mess that once was your dog. Give your dog a fur-tastic makeover using a slicker brush, some detangling spray, and a little tender loving care.

Slicker brushes are typically wire brushes with firm bristles. They are great for dogs with short, wiry coats such as Terriers. Slicker brushes are a great tool to use to help remove knots, tangles, and even mats that dont necessarily need to be cut out. You can use your slicker brush all the time if you have a dog with a wiry coat or you can use your slicker brush before bristle or pin brush grooming to remove mats and tangles. Some dogs will require only a slicker brush, while others will benefit from a slicker brush along with other grooming tools for regular grooming. Look for slicker brushes that have fine wiry bristles to work out tangles and mats.

How to Use a Slicker… PROPERLY!