What does a northern Inuit dog look like? Expert Advice

Northern Inuit Dog Hybrid Breed Pictures

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How to Train a Northern Inuit Dog

Northern Inuit Dogs are extremely intelligent but have a tendency to become bored easily. This makes them impatient during repetitive dog training exercises and may cause them to act out.

The best way to keep this breed’s attention is through positive reinforcement methods – give them plenty of treats and praise. You should also keep training sessions short and add in fun activities to keep them on task.

Training these dogs is slightly harder than your average dog.

You should be patient and never punish them. These are sensitive dogs and a harsh word could set them back. If you feel apprehensive about the training of these dogs, hiring a professional trainer or going to classes should help you build your confidence.

These dogs naturally love people and are good with dogs but socialization from a young age is still important. This socialization will allow them to learn how to behave correctly around new people and canines.

Thanks to their calm nature and intelligence, these dogs make great therapy dogs. If you want to train them to be a therapy dog, the help of a professional is recommended. There are quite strict rules that they need to comply with.

What does a northern Inuit dog look like?

Spotting a Northern Inuit Dog

Their coat is dense, slightly coarse, waterproof, and double-layered. The tail is bushy, and the fur can come in a variety of colors which include: black, gray, sable, white, and apricot.

Here are some average measurements for the Northern Inuit who has a lifespan of 12 – 14 years:

Male Nothern Inuit Dog size: Height: 23 – 32 inches (58 – 81 cm) Weight: 79 – 110 pounds (36 – 50 kg)

Female Nothern Inuit Dog size: Height: 23 – 28 inches (58 – 71 cm) Weight: 55 – 84 pounds (25 – 38 kg)

Similar wolf-like breeds include:

What does a northern Inuit dog look like?

Northern Inuit Dog – Facts and Information