What does are your dogs barking mean? Get Your Pet Thinking

The “Look At That!” Alert Bark: Repeated Short Barks

Watch out! There’s something over there!

So-called alert barks are on of the most commonly heard dog barks out there. Your dog is barking at something outside that either startles or excites him.

This repetitive barking can be quite annoying and can drive your neighbors crazy if your dog is overly sensitive to noises. We actually have a whole guide on what’s going on with dogs who alert bark constantly all night. Reduce alert barking by focusing on creating a more calm and focused dog with a relaxation protocol, then speak to a trainer.

Alert barks are usually accompanied by dogs peering out the windows, tilting their heads, and otherwise attempting to locate the source of the disturbance.

The “I’m In Pain” Series of Barks, Whimpers, Yelps, and Whines

Someone please make this pain stop, come comfort me.

Dogs that are in pain will make a wide variety of sounds. The pitch may vary by size of dog as well as intensity of pain. In all cases, a dog that is whining, whimpering, yelping, screaming, howing, and/or barking should see a veterinarian as soon as possible. Since dogs are not as vocal as people, barks that come from pain should be taken especially seriously.

The videos above show the wide range of sounds that dogs in pain may make.

What Do Different Dog Barks Mean?

Dog body language is helpful in translating dog barks, but there are times where it can be hard to see your dog’s body. We will break down a variety of dog barks in videos along with the dog’s body language to figure out what the dogs are “saying.”

Luckily for us, YouTube is full of “funny” videos of dogs that show a wide range of different dog barks and body language.

Let’s keep in mind that we’re not 100% sure exactly what emotions dogs are capable of feeling.According to Dr. Stanley Coren, dogs probably feel excitement (positive or negative), distress, contentment (happiness), disgust, fear, anger, joy, suspicion or shyness, and affection or love.

Dogs probably do not experience more complex emotions like guilt, pride, or shame.

This is why many dog behavioral experts will tell you that those “ashamed dog” videos on YouTube are simply nervous dogs who realize their owner is unhappy, and are trying desperately to diffuse the tense situation.

Your dog has different kinds of barks — here’s why

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They always have our back, no matter what. Not only are they loyal, but they are loving, and great best friends for our kids. We just wish we could know what is on their minds.

How awesome would it be to get home from work, and be able to have a conversation with your furry friend about your day as well as their day? Believe it or not, you can interpret quite a lot about what they are saying through the types of dog barks you’re hearing. Your chats may not be long, but you can understand what barks mean to determine whether your dog is happy, sad, or something else entirely.