What does it mean if your dog keeps sticking his tongue out? Expert Advice

“Other reasons for a tongue to perpetually hang from a dog’s mouth are loss of teeth or dental disease, or some form of prior trauma to the face, jaw or mouth,” Ahlgrim says. A dog’s tongue can easily slip out if he has no teeth to support it, or if his jaw is misshapen.

We associate a panting, pink tongue with a happy, relaxed dog — but what if your pup can’t seem to hold his tongue inside his mouth for more than a few minutes at a time? Could a dog’s tongue perpetually waving in the wind like a flag be a sign that something’s wrong?

Centuries of breeding have produced petite dogs such as the Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles spaniels and brachycephalic breeds (those dogs with smooshed faces) who are prone to this endearingly derpy face. If your dog has experienced this condition for the majority of her life, Ahlgrim notes, it’s generally not something to be concerned about, as it won’t in itself negatively affect your dog’s health.

“It could be a sign of dental issues or even some sort of trauma to the face area that the pet owner may not have known about. On rare occasions, a hanging tongue paired with unusual behavior could be the result of a neurologic disorder,” Ahlgrim suggests. “All of these issues would need to be treated immediately by a veterinarian.”

If your dog’s tongue being on constant display is a new occurrence, there may be more to this behavior than meets the eye. Ahlgrim suggests having your dog examined by a veterinarian, especially if the tongue hangs out of a dog’s mouth asymmetrically or if your pup is having trouble chewing or drops her food during mealtime.

What is Sticking Out His Tongue?

When dogs are sticking out their tongues, this generally refers to the muscular organ, called the tongue, being frequently found sticking outside the mouth, beyond the teeth and gums. There are several reasons why your dog is sticking out his tongue:

  • Panting
  • Hanging tongue syndrome
  • Tonguing
  • Oral cancers and other masses
  • Severe dental disease
  • Relaxation can cause the tongue to extend out of the mouth

    Odds are, your blepping pup is just incredibly relaxed, exactly like when a person’s mouth falls open during sleep. It could be a blep or a full-on tongue hanging there. This is probably what’s going on if you notice your dog’s tongue during or after their naps, but it could happen anytime.

    Older dogs might be more likely to blep from relaxation if they’ve started experiencing any age-related muscle decline. Neuropathy and other neurological issues can also contribute. As Dr. Ahlgrim suggested, it’s a good idea to visit the vet if this is a new or sudden behavior.

    My DOG Keeps Sticking Their TONGUE Out (9 Causes and Solutions)

    As a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed your pooch sticks his tongue out in a variety of situations.

    Unlike humans, sticking their tongue out isn’t a sign of playful disrespect in dogs! Yet, there are many reasons why your dog may have his tongue hanging out, some of which are harmless.

    For example, there are a few cases where your dog is trying to tell you he needs something by sticking his tongue out, or there may be a medical issue involved that requires professional attention.

    Here are some of the most common reasons why dogs stick their tongue out, and what you should do about it.