What does it mean when a black dog attack you in your dream? Tips and Tricks

What does it mean for a dog to bite you?

If you were bitten on the leg (the most usual place people get bitten) by a dog in your dream, it signifies lost balance in life. Try not to lose your ability to control your balance. If you dream of someone else gets bitten by a dog, it indicates betrayal. You will be hurt by someone you trusted. Seeing a happily barking dog in your dream symbolizes great friendships and luck.

What do black dogs mean spiritually in dreams?

Black dogs from a spiritual symbolism are known for their loyalty, but they can also be playful, friendly, and protective. I’m sure you would agree that some dogs like to play fetch, while others prefer to play tug-of-war. You may have had a dream a black dog is cuddling up close, while maybe the black dog was a dark scary monster and you were keeping your distance. And of course, each black dog in the dream has its own unique personality – just like you do! Did you see a Labrador Retriever, the American Staffordshire Terrier, or a German Shepherd? It does not matter what breed you could see the message remains the same.

Its time for changing your mindset. If we get the right emotion we can do just about anything. If like the black dog, you are creative, playful, loyal, and fun then you can get through anything. Generally speaking, black dogs represent some aspect of yourself that you consider to be negative or dangerous. Repressed anger, fear, or rage may also be represented by black dogs. It is time to be open and is about what is really driving you right now.

Are Black Dogs in Dreams Unlucky?

Black dogs do usually show up in your subconscious, such as in a dream, when you are dealing with a difficult emotions that is connected to your shadow side. These can be any unpleasant emotions that are coming to the surface that you are fearful of, ashamed of, or are still trying to repress such as a trauma.

But, just because they show up when we are dealing with difficult emotions, does that mean that they are unlucky?

Seeing a black dog in a dream is not unlucky, even though it might show up when unlucky events are happening to you. They show up to give you information, and to help you bring shadow energy to the surface so you can work past it. More likely, they show up when you are going through deep internal change, or releasing negative energy from your space.

Often times black dogs show up because of the negative emotions that result due to unwanted changes in your life. For example, after a relationship ends you might feel grief and sadness and have scary dreams about a black dog. The black dog did not cause the breakup; it shows up to help you process those emotions so you can move on to a healthier relationship.

Usually, black dogs bring the energy of protection, so keeping black dogs in your house can protect your space from unwanted energies, and may even prevent bad luck.

Many people report having dreams of black dogs after experiencing episodes of depression and periods of feeling emotionally unwell. This is also where the term “black dog” is used as a metaphor for depression. So, do black dogs represent depression?

Black dogs can show up in dreams as the valence of what your depression represents. In a sense, if you are trying to deal with your depression, your depression can take on the form of a black dog so it is easier to process.

If you dream of a black dog while struggling with depression, the black dog could be a symbol of what that depression is doing to your energetic space.

For example, if you are running away from a black dog, you may be avoiding these emotions and letting them take over your life. Or, if a black dog bites or attacks you, you may feel completely overwhelmed and defeated by your depression.

Regardless of the dream, it is a positive sign because it means your subconscious is finally ready to face and deal with the depressions that are holding you back in life. Even if it seems scary, you may start feeling like you have the energy and ability to ask for help or incorporate habits that can help you manage your periods of feeling down.

Black dogs are shadow animal guides and are here to help you deal with the scary stuff stuck in the dark corners of the mind.

What does it mean when a black dog attack you in your dream?

Spiritually, black dogs are very important figures and appear frequently to us in the form of dreams, visions, or ghostly figures that pass through the house during the night. While this can seem alarming, black dogs are a spiritual presence that shouldn’t be feared.

Seeing a black dog can have two spiritual meanings, and show up in two separate contexts:

  • You are going through a difficult period of grief, loneliness, depression, or facing your shadow side.
  • You recently had your own pet dog pass away.
  • Black dogs are one of the animal spirit guardians of the shadow realm, and often appear to people who need a shadow animal to help them get through deeply repressed emotions. These stuck emotions prevent us from growing spiritually.

    Another situation where black dogs show up in dreams and visions is when our own pets pass away. If you recently had a dog pass away and see a big black dog in a dream or vision, this is a positive sign that your dog is being looked after and guided to the other side.

    When a dog spirit that has passed on decides to visit, it is usually accompanied by a big black dog.

    Black Dog in Dream Meaning – Black Dog Bite in Dream

    Dreaming of a black dog attacking you in a dream is a sign that you are ready to face your shadow side, and are undergoing a deep internal shift. It is a scary process but in the end, you will become stronger. You are starting to face the difficulties of releasing your ego and stepping into a higher state of being.