What dog breed has a beard? A Comprehensive Guide

Why do some dogs have beards?

Bearded dogs usually have the extra facial hair to protect them from something. Most (but not all) bearded dogs were bred to hunt rodents and burrowing animals, so their beard actually served a purpose – to protect their muzzles from bites, branches, thorns and more. For bearded dogs who arent hunters, the extra facial hair also served to protect them, just in other ways. For instance, the Bearded Collies facial hair served as insulation and protection against the cold and harsh conditions they worked in.

Top 10 Dog Breeds with Beards and Mustaches

What dog breed has a beard?

Height 20-22 inches
Weight 45-55 pounds
Lifespan 12-14 years

Our first dog breed is so well-endowed with facial hair that it’s in the name! The Bearded Collie is a shaggy sheepdog from the Scottish Highlands. Because of the thick double-coat, this dog thrives in all kinds of weather — a Bearded Collie should never be cooped up in an apartment or house.

As a family dog, the Bearded Collie is fun-loving, affectionate, and goofy. Failing to provide enough exercise and mental stimulation, however, can lead to a bored, frustrated pup. Generally, this breed does best in households that are active and spend most of their free time outdoors.

What dog breed has a beard?

Height 17.5-19.5 inches
Weight 30-50 pounds
Lifespan 13-16 years

When asked to name a dog with impressive facial hair, there’s a good chance the Schnauzer is the first breed to come to mind. Along with its classic mustache and beard, this dog boasts a stunning set of bushy eyebrows.

While the Schnauzer can be quite the independent-thinker, they train with ease. Since the breed is incredibly intelligent, it’s important to avoid overtraining and always keep sessions new and interesting. Of course, regular exercise is also a must.

In addition to the Standard Schnauzer, there are two Schnauzer breeds: the Miniature and the Giant. The Miniature Schnauzer comes in at 12-14 inches and 11-20 pounds. The Giant Schnauzer measures up to 27.5 inches and weighs up to 85 pounds.

What dog breed has a beard?

Height 23 inches
Weight 50-70 pounds
Lifespan 11-14 years

This classic Terrier is an incredibly versatile breed, offering athleticism, hunting prowess, and loving friendship. While most Terriers are on the smaller side, the Airedale Terrier is quite large — in fact, it’s the largest recognized Terrier in the world. Its strong legs and square body may look powerful and intimidating, but the oversized, bearded head adds an unmatched level of charm to this dog’s appearance.

Although the Airedale Terrier can be protective of its territory, the breed makes a loyal and gentle family dog. However, complacency in obedience training can result in a stubborn, destructive dog. Ensure that your Airedale Terrier receives plenty of physical and mental stimulation to avoid boredom.

What dog breed has a beard?

Height 10 inches
Weight 18-22 pounds
Lifespan 12 years

The Scottish Terrier, lovingly referred to as the “Scottie,” is a small, compact Terrier breed. But this dog is far from lacking in personality. While it, of course, has a stunning beard and mustache on display, the breed also has long, wiry fur along its underbelly and legs.

Many Scottie owners report that their dogs are almost human-like in their companionship, awareness, and overall personality. Because of this, the breed is a bit tricky to train. This dog is independent and prefers to do things in its own way. While you might not need to teach the Scottie basic commands, it can be hard-headed and refuse to listen out of sheer spite.

What dog breed has a beard?

Height 7-10 inches
Weight 8-10 pounds
Lifespan 12-15 years

Next up is another breed known for its human-like character and self-awareness. The Brussels Griffon is an intelligent toy breed that packs a ton of personality into a tiny package. While it has a decidedly Terrier-inspired body, the heavily mustached, scrunched face stands out from the crowd.

The Brussels Griffon is incredibly social and suffers when left on its own too often. This dog prefers to always stick close to its loved ones and is known for forming remarkably strong bonds. Since the breed is so focused on its owners, training is generally a breeze. Gentle training strategies are key to preserving this sensitive dog’s feelings.

While men everywhere are growing out their breeds for “No Shave November,” these dog breeds upstage them with fashionable beards 365 days of the year.

This naturally corded dog breed has a nice, trim beard that offsets the rest of his appearance nicely. It does tend to get a bit dirty, since the breed standard is to only bathe them a few times a year.

Like the German Wirehair Pointer, the Pointing Griffon has a small scruffy beard that matches his wiry coat. In the fact, the two breeds look very similar.

All three – miniature, standard, and giant – sport wonderfully bushy beards that any man would be proud of. Though they could use some eyebrow work.

This beautiful terrier has a nice clean face, with a big old goatee that make him look like a professor from the 18th century. All he needs is a monocle, don’t you agree?

These Are 10 Bearded Dog Breeds

There’s nothing quite like dogs with beards to brighten your day. If you’re searching for doggie scruff to match the best beards of our time – from Dumbledore’s distinguished locks to Jason Momoa’s impressive facial hair – look no further than this list of the best dog breeds with beards!

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If you couldn’t tell that the Scottish Terrier was a regal, proud, and proper dog, that impressive beard says it all. This dog has brushed shoulders – and facial hair – with Europe’s most powerful rulers, so the royal beard is fitting, to say the least!

The Old English Sheepdog has some of the most luxurious beards of the doggie world. They can thank their furry breeding line for that. This dog breed was developed with help from the Bearded Collie and French Briard, two dog breeds with reputable beards.

The Shih Tzu needed a beard that could be memorialised in Buddhist temples across China and Tibet. So, it’s no surprise that they’ve got one of the most regal doggie beards you’ll ever come across. This lion-like facial fur is some of the silkiest hair you’ll find on a pup, and it has to be trimmed regularly so that this little doggo doesn’t trip over its own lush locks.