What dog breed originated from a region on the Croatian coast? Expert Advice

Diet and Nutrition

Croatian sheepdogs, like all dogs, do well on high-quality and appropriately portion-controlled dog food. If your pup regularly partakes in high-energy dog sports or long daily hikes, then you may want to consider a diet suited to active dogs, as theyll be burning off fat more quickly. If you have any questions about the proper diet or food portions for your dog, you can always inquire with your vet.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Croatian Sheepdog

The Croatian sheepdog is a rare breed—even in their native Croatia, they are still not found in large numbers. Because of this, you may need to go on a waiting list or travel further to secure a puppy from a reputable breeder. Dont let your enthusiasm and impatience tempt you to cut corners, though. If you support a backyard breeder or puppy farm, you could end up with an unhealthy and under-socialized puppy, and you could be inadvertently supporting an industry rife with cruelty and bad practices.

There are lots of herding breeds in rescues across the country. You could certainly find a collie or sheepdog-type rescue—with similar characteristics to the Croatian sheepdog—looking for a loving forever home in your local shelter.

Dalmatian dog

There is no person in the world who hasn’t grown up on the beautiful and warm Disney cartoon about 101 little white puppies with black spots. But did you know that this very breed comes from Croatia, or to be more precise, as the name tells itself, from the Dalmatia region? In some past times they were used as war dogs for Dalmatian fighters, now they are the perfect family dog with protective instincts towards their owners, and in the US they are very often used as firefighter dogs.

What dog breed originated from a region on the Croatian coast?

Croatian Sheepdog – Top 10 Facts