What dog breeds have ears that naturally stand up? Expert Advice

They may have bat ears, but French bulldogs are anything but nocturnal. Frenchies make great companions for humans, especially if youre the type of dog owner that always schedules in a mid-afternoon nap in addition to the zzzs you got at night. In addition to being a couch potato, this small companion is a kid lover thatll get along with the family if socialized early on in life.

An Alaskan malamutes ears are as active as their energy level! When theyre moving around, their ears will stand upright. But when theyre done and ready to rest, their ears rest, too, easing to the side of their head. Alaskan malamutes also have such a fun tail—one of the fluffiest and the curliest!

It makes perfect sense that these herding dogs have pointy ears. In addition to pointy ears, Australian cattle dogs, also known as blue heelers, have beautiful speckled coats that come in a variety of colors. They are also naturally intelligent and thrive in training sessions, so be prepared to spend time working their minds and bodies!

Although corgis are best known for their furry booties, they wouldnt be corgis without their perky ears. The better to hear you gush over them with, we presume. Corgis are also recognized for their short legs and thick coat.

If you absolutely cant decide whether to adopt a Pomeranian or a keeshond (an honorable mention for pointy ears), consider a German spitz! They boast many of the same traits, including perked-up ears. The German spitz also has a bit of a lions mane that, in dog terms, is called a “ruff,” and gives these dogs a regal look, quite like the king of the jungle himself! But at the end of the day, theyll always be a canine.

1 West Highland white terrierThese charming white pups have velvety soft ears and happy personalities. Initially bred in the hills of Scotland, the Westie’s primary job was to find and scatter rats away from farmland. Today, these dogs will chase anything that moves, which means you’ll want to provide them with a fenced-in yard and lots of toys to play with.

What dog breeds have ears that naturally stand up?

German Shepherd Dog

The large, front-facing ears of the German Shepherd are one of the breed’s distinguishing characteristics. According to its breed standards, the center of the ears should be perpendicular to the ground.

Other than their ears, the GSD is known for its intelligence and remarkable work drive.

Other large dogs that are often mistaken for GSDs because of their general appearance and large, pointed ears include the Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren, and Belgian Sheepdog.

Top 30 Amazing Dog Breeds with Pointy Ears that Stand Up

Whether you’re scrolling pet adoption profiles to find a new best friend or watching social media reels of adorable animal companions, it’s hard not to fall for dog breeds with pointy ears.

Let’s face it: dogs with pointy ears are downright adorable. And although a number of different dog breeds have them – from Chihuahuas and Papillons to Alaskan Malamutes and Corgis.

“Dogs with pointed ears are guaranteed to provide endless entertainment, as most dogs are highly expressive with them,” says Marissa Sunny, supervisor of lifesaving and care at Best Friends Animal Society.