What dog breeds stay by your side? Get Your Pet Thinking

1 BeagleGo ahead and say what you’re thinking: “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.” How can I be a loyal sidekick to you if every time an exciting scent comes my way, I’m howling and barking and chasing it down?” My keen sense of smell and curiosity is something I satisfy by exploring. Kind of like what a hobby is for you. Let’s do it together! As a member of a tightly knit

What dog breeds stay by your side?

1 Golden retrieverHey, did you see my buddy, Daniel take first place in the Sporting Group at the

What dog breeds stay by your side?

1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

What dog breeds stay by your side?

Graceful and loyal, the AKC’s 18th most popular pooch stands just 13 inches high at the most, but their hearts are giant. Once you bond with one of these sweethearts, you’ll never want them to leave your side, which is perfect because they won’t want to.

What dog breeds stay by your side?

When you see a tiny canine head peeking out of a woman’s purse, it’s most often a Chihuahua. These little dogs are the perfect Velcro dogs since they’re small enough to take everywhere and they don’t ever want to be left alone!

What dog breeds stay by your side?

The Cocker Spaniel, smallest of the sporting Spaniels, is known for the iconic expression on their face. Coupled with their big, soft eyes, these dogs are hard to resist, which is why they’re one of the most popular Velcro dogs in the world.

What dog breeds stay by your side?

Collies are beautiful, graceful dogs that make incredible family pets. But it’s a big-time commitment to get a dog that wants as much of your attention as a Collie.

10 Dogs That Will Stand By Your Side (No Matter What)

Let’s be clear, as pack animals, all dogs have an inherent sense of loyalty to their pack and crave love, companionship and security. Yet, some dog breeds are known for being hyper focused on one human or the entire family. Loyal dog breeds just might be the perfect fit for first-time owners who are looking for a devoted companion. Some dogs on our list are known for being super affectionate, while other dog breeds take pride in guarding their family. The most loyal dog breeds are the ones that are always by your side, no matter what life brings you. Though our list is by no means conclusive, here some of our favourites tell you about themselves in their own words.Advertisement

Just last week, I heard a little kid say, “Dad look at that big dog. It’s as big as a horse!” The kid’s right. I am big! As one of the biggest dog breeds, I tip the scales at around 45kg, give or take. But hey, a lot of that is due to my abundant, super thick and waterproof coat. I used to protect sheep from sneaky, sly wolves, so it’s in my blood to feel responsible for protecting my family and property. Yet, you could say I fall into the gentle giant category because I’m pretty mellow, gentle and affectionate with my human family.

Admit it, you’re kind of surprised to find me on this list. I have a reputation for being lackadaisical, preferring to be a spectator of life instead of an active participant. But loyal? You bet your buttered biscuits I am. Being loyal is part of my temperament. And I’m also charming and patient except when I want food. My vocal range is enviable among other breeds, and I use it to my advantage by howling, grumbling and whining (it’s adorable, really) for food, treats and affection – three of my favourite things. Advertisement

I’m proud to say devotion runs deep in my Japanese breed’s lineage. Back in 1932, an Akita named Hachiko stole everyone’s heart after he sat at a Tokyo train station every day, waiting for his master, who never returned. Hachiko didn’t know his master died while at his office. His faithfulness touched so many, a statue was erected in his honour and still stands at the Shibuya Train Station in Toyko, and is visited by hordes of locals and tourists alike. His story inspired the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. Like Hachiko, an Akita will be your beloved companion and never leave your side.

I don’t mean to humblebrag, but if you’re looking for the most loyal dog breed, I’m known for being profoundly loyal, thank you very much. As a rare dog breed, you probably don’t realise I tip the scales between 35-50 kg, but I don’t get many complaints about taking up a sofa cushion. Everyone loves to snuggle up to my gorgeous white, thick coat. As a breed from the working class, I’m naturally inclined to be loyal and protective of my family. Yes, I might be aloof with strangers and show an independent streak occasionally, but really, does it matter as long as my loyalty lies with you first?

I may be rare, but I look pretty normal, not like these strangest looking dog breeds.

My robust and muscular frame makes me look more like a bouncer at that hip new dog park in the city. I may look intimidating and mean, but I’m not. Well, I should clarify that. I might be a bit standoffish with people I don’t know. It’s not that I’m rude – guarded is more like it. I love spending time with my family and would do anything to protect them and our home. Now that doesn’t mean I want to be on guard duty and isolated. That kind of life isn’t for me. Spending time with my fam, aka my top priority, is my jam.AdvertisementAdvertisement

If I had a dog biscuit for everyone who says, “you look just like Lassie,” my mum would never have to buy them again. I haven’t saved anyone from a well, but I would put on my superhero cape if my family were in a crisis. My unwavering devotion clearly makes me one of the most loyal dog breeds around. My humans show it by spoiling me because I’m smart as a whip, friendly and super cute (my luscious, long-haired coat is to die for). Sometimes my enthusiastic barking gets ‘that look’ from my dad, but it’s just my way of saying, “let’s get some exercise!”

I’ve got a fast fact for you. Did you know that boxers were one of the first breeds used as police and military dogs? All that rigorous mental and physical training with our handler developed a deep sense of loyalty that carries through to today. In the 1940s, we were all the rage and have been one of the most popular dog breeds since. I think families with kids really love us because we’re so playful and gentle with young ones. Fair warning – if the fam is preoccupied with their screens, I might get into a bit of mischief out of sheer boredom!

Did I say I was good with kids? Here are some other breeds of dogs that are also child-friendly.

Cue the Swiss Yodelling…the original search and rescue dog is here! People are ecstatic to see me if they’re stranded in the snow-covered mountains. Maybe that doesn’t happen much these days, but long ago, when I found a lost traveller, I would cosy up next to them and lick at them to keep them warm while we waited for help. To say I’m loyal and focused is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m a huge teddy bear and a calm dog breed, but I will fiercely defend my family if they are threatened.AdvertisementAdvertisement

Faithful, dedicated and a workaholic, some might say. My German dog breed is well-known for its unfailing and tireless service for the police force and military. I might look like I’m all business, but my commitment to you runs deep. That includes the kiddos too. Nobody’s coming into our yard without my permission – except for the family cat. I’m OK with family pets but a little cautious of other dogs. I’ll never leave your side, whether it’s in a fox hole or your backyard. My heart beats for you and our family.

I’m also pretty smart. Check me out here with some of the other smartest dog breeds.Advertisement