What Happened To Bashkim In War Dogs

Movies about arms dealers are nothing new: Remember Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto playing Ukrainian brothers in Lord of War? Not only does it look highly unlikely that the two of them were actually related, but things got even weirder when Leto decided to speak in a Ukrainian accent whereas Cage didnt.

War Dogs doesnt have that dynamic between Miles Teller and Jonah Hill, but the flicks got an ending that has many people scratching their heads and begging to be explained. Article continues below advertisement

In the movie, the Albanian driver Bashkim (JB Blanc) goes missing, is never heard from again, and is presumed dead.

War Dogs (2016)
Kevin Pollak Born: October 30, 1957 Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA Ralph Merrill Born: May 8, 1943

What does Aey stand for in war dogs?

Report This. In this film, Efraim (Jonah Hill) becomes angry at an employee who criticizes the letters in the name AEY for not standing for anything. In real life, the initials do mean something.

Did Efraim Diveroli screw over David?

But three months later, he was convicted on multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy to defraud the government. He got 48 months in prison and lost everything. “Diveroli was even willing to screw over his childhood buddies from his local synagogue,” Merrill says. … He scammed me out of everything I had.”

Did Henry Girard give packouz money?

Did the real Henry Girard give David Packouz a piece of his end on the Afghan Deal? No. The briefcase of hush money that Bradley Cooper’s character gives to David Packouz (Miles Teller) might give the movie a nice note to end on, especially for Miles Teller’s character, but it’s completely fictional.


Why did Efraim betray David?

He is also petty and greedy (for example, he fired an employee just for correcting him on what IBM stands for) and a bit of backstabber, as shown when he planned to cut Henry Girard out of the deal after discovering that Henry had overcharged them for the AK-47 ammunition and betrayed David after David stood up to him, …

Are David and Efraim still friends?

At the War Dogs ending, Efraim is sentenced to four years in prison for his numerous crimes and David gets seven months house arrest for cooperating.

Is Aey still a company?

David Packouz & Efraim Diveroli Aren’t As Close.