What Happened To Franky On Wentworth

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In season 4, Franky was released from Wentworth after she fought for her innocence and began her career as a legal aid. She returned for seasons 5 and 6 as the series’ main protagonist, until her release and subsequent departure from the series.

Time At Wentworth[]

Franky was a lesbian bikey who was inside for life, for armed robbery and murder. She immediately took a liking to Karen Travers who was originally sharing her cell but after a few sweet nothings from Franky, Karen requested a cell change.

Franky also had a fondness for Doreen Anderson, her best friend, who didnt really like Frankys advances either, except Doreen being a follower, accepted it. Upon learning that she and Doreen were split up into different cells, Franky immediately trashed the rec room and got locked up in solitary for it. While there, she received a visit from Vera Bennett, during which Franky gave her the immortal nickname VINEGAR TITS.

Shortly after this, Franky becomes top dog while Bea Smith is out on parole but when Bea comes back half of the women are on Beas side and the other half are on Frankys side. She started a riot in the dining room because Bea is ready to take over from Franky. Before the riot in the dining room Bea said to Doreen “Doreen theres a spare seat over here”. Doreen goes on Beas side. Lynn and Karen are in the middle of the riot. Karen was in the dining room with Frankys side. The riot eventually ended with Bea laying into her, and Bill Jackson being stabbed. Franky was sent to Solitary.

Not long after these events, Franky is visited by her brother Gary, who tells her he plans to build a house in the country, eventually getting all the money from saving his wages. She is given the idea of possibly getting out in 3 or more years if she manages to behave herself from that point on.

We learn that Franky is illiterate, and upon hearing this, Karen Travers takes on the task of helping her to learn to read. Franky also receives some bad news in the form of a telegraph, about her brother being in hospital, having been in a tractor crash. She can only read a few words, and when someone else reads it, she tells her that everything is fine, as the women are worried about her reaction.

When Franky eventually finds out the truth, its too late for her to see her brother, as he has died. It is surprising she doesnt react violently, but she blames only herself for hiding the fact that she cannot read or write. From this point on she sees no point keeping up the good behaviour, and eventually escapes Wentworth with Doreen and Lizzie Birdsworth. Lizzies old ticker fails her, so the pair take her back to near the gates, and run for their lives.

On the run Franky and Doreen realise they cant go far without money, so they mug a kid for food, then decide to dress as nuns to collect money, after they realise they are hiding on the grounds of a convent. They get the idea to rob an old person at home, so still posing as nuns, they find a lady who lives alone and never has visitors. They invite themselves in with the intention of mugging her, but the lady reveals she knows exactly who they are, and that shes just happy to have company.

Eventually Franky and Doreen are forced on the run again, after being spotted by a policemen. They are moments away from carrying out a robbery, and after being seen by a policeman, Franky manages to shoot the policeman in the arm before being shot dead by the same policeman herself, leaving Doreen screaming. Frankys final words were “Bloody Bastards!”

“I think there was a natural justice to it, it needed to happen,” actress Nicole da Silva told Foxtel about her characters happy ending. “A lot of people were gunning for that happy ending for Franky and its lovely to see it come to fruition because, as you know, in the dark world of Wentworth, thats not always the case.

On the inside of Wentworth, she and Jacs Holt were initially in a rivalry for Top Dog, though Franky would continue to hold the title until the end of Season 2, when she loses the position — as well as the respect of other inmates — to Bea Smith. Article continues below advertisement

We see Franky two more times on Wentworth, once later that season, when she comes to visit her friends Allie, Boomer, and Liz, and lastly in Season 7, when she is a successful legal aid trying to say goodbye to her friend Liz, who due to her memory loss no longer remembers her.

And as for whether she might make a return for Season 9, we wouldnt rule out the possibility. “Thats the tattoo thats so clearly emblazoned on her arm,” Nicole continued. “Shes the phoenix rising from the fire, shes constantly reinventing herself and then saying goodbye and then we re-experience her anew.”AdvertisementMore from Distractify

Orange Is the New Blacks Australian cousin, the series Wentworth, has surprised devoted viewers with yet another season renewal after the series was meant to finish after the current Season 8. Article continues below advertisement

Swallowing the Balloons

Years of drug trading and evading responsibility, Franky’s past actions come back to bite with a vengeance – before her parole hearing no less. Kim (Ra Chapman), a former lover of Franky, plants heroin-filled balloons in the latter’s cell out of spite and rejection, but rather than handing them over, Franky swallows the drugs to Ferguson’s (Pamela Rabe) delight. It’s a decision that almost costs Franky her life; however, she refuses to let anything come between her and freedom, even if it means dying in the process.

The relationship between Franky and Meg Jackson (Catherine McClements) is tense from the get-go. Governor, Meg, keeps the inmate under a watchful eye, scrutinising her every move in the hope to catch her off-guard in the midst of a drug trafficking deal; she never succeeds, Franky using her intelligence to fly smoothly under the radar until a riot breaks out. Believing Jacs to be her attacker, Franky acts fast and accidentally shivs the governor. The incident haunts her for the remainder of her sentence and threatens to destroy the blossoming kinship with Meg’s husband and prison guard, Will (Robbie Magasiva).

One would think that getting shot would rank quite high on a list of worst things happen to a person but Franky deals with so much trauma that it barely scrapes the surface. Following her escape from prison, Franky is hunted down by police across the city, resulting in a close encounter that leaves her with near-fatal gunshot wound. Thankfully, Franky survives the ordeal but only by the skin of her teeth. Franky’s desperation to clear her name and finally be free proved to be worth more to her than her life.


Does Franky get a happy ending in Wentworth?

But Franky doesn’t die! Thankfully, Bridget manages to help her gather the evidence needed to clear her name, and while Franky is still suffering from the bullet wound, she finally wakes up in a hospital where detectives let her know that they’re dropping all charges against her.

Is Franky found guilty Wentworth?

Back to the series itself… and Franky got her happy ending after all she’s been through!