What happens if a dog eats air dry clay? Simple and Effective Tips

Is Polymer, Modeling, or Air Dry Clay Toxic to Dogs?

Although most of these clay products are labeled as non-toxic, they should not be ingested. When used as toys and for household items, clay isn’t dangerous for our companions. Depending on the quality of the clay, some clay creates dust that is unhealthy for the lungs. However, most issues arise only when this clay is ingested.

There are different clay types. For example, homemade modeling clay is usually saltier, and this high salt concentration can cause salt poisoning in your dog. Therefore, the specific type of clay should be put into consideration as they may contain ingredients that carry peculiar features.

Air dry clay can also cause gastrointestinal issues that can be quite serious if the clay has hardened before your dog ate it. Air-dry clay generally can harden on its own if it is exposed to air for too long. Furthermore, you could also see your dog showing more extreme symptoms than you would normally expect when it eats any of these clay types if he was already dealing with an underlying digestive problem.

Is polymer clay toxic if ingested by dogs?

Polymer clay is non-toxic, so it is completely safe to use around children and pets.

No Special Equipment Needed. This is easily the most wonderful feature of air dry clays: Most air dry clays are non-toxic and do not require any special tools or equipment, such as an expensive kiln.

Air dry clay is not food safe. Students can still create mugs, bowls, and plates with air dry clay, but they must be for decorative purposes only. While this can be disappointing to students, use it as a way to encourage creative and playful design.

Coger, DVM, explains, “Dirt eating is a form of what is termed ‘pica,’ the ingestion of nonfood materials. There are many causes, including nutritional, behavioral, and physical. Stress or boredom can also lead to eating all sorts of things, including dirt.”

What is the difference between air dry clay and modeling clay?

One of the main differences is the way in which each clay sets. While air dry clay sets with air, polymer clay sets by heat. In fact, you can leave polymer clay out in the air for days and it won’t set. Polymer clay also won’t shrink while it is hardening, unlike air dry clay.

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