What happens if a dog licks hydrocortisone cream? Here’s What to Expect

What Do You Do Once Your Dog Has Licked Hydrocortisone Cream?

The first thing to do if your dog ingests hydrocortisone is to make sure that he has only eaten the cream and not the entire tube.

The cream will cause some problems like diarrhea or vomiting, but it wont be as bad as if your dog has ingested the tube.

If he ate the tube, then your dog might face some intestinal tract infections and blockages. It is an entirely different problem and a lot more severe than if he had just eaten the hydrocortisone cream.

If the dog has only eaten the cream but not the tube, proceed to give him enough water to keep him hydrated. Keep the water near him, and monitor how he feels throughout the day. Your dog should be feeling a lot better after a couple of days.

During those days, youll notice increased thirst and urination; it is normal. You should only worry if you see no improvement after a couple of days.

Is Hydrocortisone Cream Toxic to Dogs?

Hydrocortisone creams effects on dogs are still being tested. The FDA has not approved them yet, but many owners use them to treat their dogs rashes and swelling.

It is not a bad or dangerous idea, but one must be careful when using hydrocortisone products on a dog.

If your dog ingests hydrocortisone cream, you will have to be careful. A large amount of cream can cause stomach problems and various side effects, but it is not as severe as it might sound.

Keep an eye on your dogs health right after the ingestion, and keep monitoring his bowel movements.

It is common for them to present diarrhea after eating the cream, but that shouldnt last for an extended period. If it does, then you should consult a vet.

Can you use hydrocortisone on dogs’ hot spots?

Yes, hydrocortisone cream works well on dogs’ hot spots. Just make sure to use a product for dogs and follow the instructions on the tube.

Is hydrocortisone cream safe for dogs?