What happens if you give a dog apple juice? Surprising Answer

Organic Apple Juice is Best

If you’re going to share some refreshing juice with your dog, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving them the healthiest choice. Many organic apple juices only use apples without the extra sugars.

What Are the Negatives of Apple Juice for Dogs?

The main issue with apple juice is high in sugar content. Many dogs already tend to overeat, so drinking sugary liquids can pack on the pounds. Obesity also causes long-term problems like diabetes, which can get expensive to treat.

Apple juice is also vastly acidic, which means it can cause diarrhea. Even though it shouldn’t be much of a health concern, it can create messes for you to clean up. And it may cause an upset tummy, which might make your guy or gal feel crummy.

What happens if you give a dog apple juice?

What makes fruit juice unhealthy for dogs?

Even the healthiest fruit juice on grocery shelves may have added sugars, sweeteners, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring, and other chemical additives that may wreak havoc on your pet’s digestive system.

Fruit juice concentrates, such as apple juice, are often used as sweeteners in many food products. They contain high levels of fructose. In humans, fructose is metabolized almost exclusively in the liver. Its more likely to result in the creation of fats (lipogenesis): in particular, very low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides, both of which increase the risk for heart disease. Moreover, recent work has shown that fructose may influence the “appetite hormones,” leptin and ghrelin that may increase the risk of obesity. High levels of fructose may lower leptin and fail to depress ghrelin. Those changes would blunt sensations of fullness (satiety) and could lead to overeating.

Another downside of fruit juice concentrates is that they don’t have the nutrients -vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber – that are present in whole fruit.

Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice? | DogVela

Yes, they can but with strings attached. Dogs can only drink apple juice provided that they are not store-bought and are given in small amounts. Let me explain why.