What helps a sick puppy? Here’s What to Expect

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is extremely contagious, and very common in places where there are lots of dogs all in one space, like dog shelters, doggy daycares, boarding facilities, dog parks, and more. The good news is that kennel cough is not fatal, dogs recover well with treatment, and there is a vaccination that can help reduce symptoms.

Kennel Cough is a respiratory disease caused by multiple bacterial and viral pathogens that is spread through “airborne droplets, direct contact (e.g., touching noses), or contaminated surfaces (including water/food bowls).” It is easily treated, but can cause more severe coughing in puppies under six months of age and in dogs who are immunocompromised.


Influenza is also known as the “dog flu.” It creates an acute respiratory infection that is transmitted through droplets from coughing, barking, and sneezing. Influenza can also spread through contaminated objects like food and water bowls, kennels, collars, and leashes.

Canine influenza can even spread through people who have been in contact with an infected dog! Be sure to wash your hands and clothes before coming into contact with another dog to protect yourself and the pup.


Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection, often transmitted from infected wildlife through contaminated water and infected urine. It spreads throughout the bloodstream, affecting the kidneys and liver. Humans are also at risk for infection with leptospirosis.

What to Do If Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out?

A puppy’s baby teeth generally fall out on their own within the first four to six months of their lives. Occasionally, adult teeth will begin to grow in before these deciduous teeth fall out. This is commonly an issue with the canine teeth. In this case, call a veterinarian to simply have the retained deciduous tooth removed. Generally, veterinarians will check for retained teeth when the puppy is being spayed or neutered.

If left in place, the tooth may cause long term issues with the development of the bite and discomfort due to overcrowding. The deciduous tooth may also decay, resulting in gum disease and the decay of the permanent teeth around it.

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