What if my dog ate a raw chicken breast? A Step-by-Step Guide

Is Raw Chicken Safe for Dogs?

Has your dog eaten uncooked chicken? You probably don’t need to be concerned. Here’s the quick answer…

A healthy dog is unlikely to get ill from eating raw chicken. So, if your dog has eaten a small portion of raw chicken as a one-off, there is probably nothing to worry about.

While the chicken may contain salmonella and other bacteria, dogs digestive systems have evolved to process raw meat better than humans (although meats such as pork should be avoided as they may contain certain parasites).

Eating raw chicken certainly isn’t risk-free for a dog though, so it’s important to monitor your dog for any symptoms of illness. Dogs with weak immune systems, puppies, or old dogs may be more at risk. You should also always keep a close eye on your dog’s faeces – especially after eating raw meat – and take him to the vet if you notice diarrhoea or vomiting. There’s also a lot of debate about whether feeding a dog raw meat regularly is healthy (this article is targeted more at owners whose dogs have eaten raw chicken by accident).

Keep in mind that your dog may develop gastrointestinal issues if raw meats usually aren’t part of his diet – especially if he ate a large amount of chicken. This could be caused by bacteria, but it could also just be that his digestive system isn’t used to coping with this type of food.

What if my dog ate a raw chicken breast?

Is It Safe for Dogs to Eat Raw Chicken?

It’s true that cooking chicken bones makes them more prone to splintering than raw bones. A splintered bone is more likely to cause intestinal perforation, a deadly condition where the bone pierces the gut. However, there is always a risk of obstruction if your dog is eating something which is not entirely digestible, like bones.

If you are looking to give your dog something to chew, there are plenty of commercial toys and treats available that are sturdy enough to withstand chewing or are readily digested when chewed and swallowed.

Salmonella and Other Bacteria

What if my dog ate a raw chicken breast?

Due to the shorter gastrointestinal tract of dogs, the foodpasses quickly through the body. Consequently, bacteria like Salmonella havevery little time to settle. If the bacteria do manage to stay in the body, theacidic strength of a dog’s stomach kills them.

Following these lines, some trainers that are preparing canines for dog sports use a raw diet, called BARF. They believe that items like raw chicken help the dog to gain extra strength and stamina. The term BARF is an abbreviation of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

On the other hand, Salmonella can cause serious health problems for dogs with weaker immune systems. The treatment of a dog suffering from Salmonella infection will depend on the severity of his/her condition. In extreme cases, the vet may prescribe antibiotics and IV fluid therapy for the recovery of your pet.

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It doesn’t matter how hard you try, dogs will always find the food that is not meant for them. One of those ingredients that canines love to eat is raw chicken. If your pet has consumed uncooked chicken, use the following information to figure out the most suitable plan of action.