What illness causes dogs to eat poop? Surprising Answer

What not to do if your dog eats poop If your dog does eat poo it’s important that you don’t react or show that you’re upset. Never punish or shout at your dog as this could cause more behavioural issues. Remember that eating poo is a natural behaviour to them so it may be a tricky habit to break.

  • Cleaning out your cat’s litter tray more regularly
  • Moving the litter tray to a place that your cat can reach, but your dog can’t, such as:
    • High up on a table
    • Behind a stairgate with a cat flap in
    • In a litter tray that has a lid or a door
  • Nutritional deficiencies

    As Richter already pointed out, nutritional deficiencies are unlikely if your dog is eating a balanced diet.

    That said, its still important for dog owners to watch for signs of a nutritional deficiency, which could stem from diet or malabsorption issues caused by an underlying medical condition.

    The signs of a nutrient deficiency depend on which nutrients are lacking, but most often include:

  • Dull or brittle coat
  • Dry, scaling or flaking skin
  • Being under- or overweight
  • Skin issues, such as itching, inflammation, and sores
  • Frequent infections
  • They’re copying their mum Good canine mothers instinctively lick their newly born puppies to help them go to the toilet and to keep them clean. They also eat their puppy’s faeces to keep them and the area hygienic and free from diseases and parasites. In the wild, this instinct may also help to prevent predators from being drawn to the smell of a dog’s den. A dog’s mum teaches them how to be a dog, so puppies will instinctively copy their mother’s behaviour. Most mothers stop cleaning up after their puppies when they have either moved on to solid foods or they can leave their den to do their business. Around this time, most puppies stop being so interested in poo, but some never seem to grow out of it.

  • Do they tend to eat poo at times when they’re most hungry, such as before meal times?
  • Are you giving them enough to eat?
  • Do you have a regular feeding routine and do you stick to it?
  • Are you giving them a good quality food that’s likely to keep them feeling full?
  • Always ask your

    Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? | Veterinarian explains why?

    It turns out the biggest problem with a dog eating poop is the ick factor for their humans.

    Dogs, especially puppies, eat many things they shouldnt, and this often includes feces — theirs and that of other dogs and even other animals.