What is a 7 way shot for dogs? Find Out Here

How Much Does The 7 In 1 Dog Vaccine Cost?

You can expect to pay an average of $75 – $350 when the vet gives your pup the 7 Way Shot. Your vet may include other vaccinations depending on your location and lifestyle. If you plan to travel with your new furry family member they’ll need an extra set of vaccinations.

Along with the 7 Way Shot, your vet will suggest heartworm, tick, and flea prevention. Ticks carry a number of diseases that severely impair your dog’s mobility and health. Taking on an all-encompassing preventative approach is the best for your pup and your wallet.

Sometimes animal shelters offer the 7 Way Shot and other vaccinations at a discount price or for free! Many shelters cover the cost of vaccinations when you pay an adoption fee. You also have the option of giving your pup certain vaccinations yourself.

What Age Should A Puppy Get The 7 In 1 Vaccine?

The American Animal Hospital Association’s Canine Vaccination Guidelines suggest giving the 7 Way Shot to puppies 12 weeks and younger. The leptospirosis vaccines aren’t recommended for young puppies because they experience less exposure. Younger puppies can receive the 5-Way Shot instead.

Leptospirosis is commonly spread by wild animals in rural areas. If you have a couch potato for a dog or live in an urban area, your furry friend probably doesn’t need a 7 Way Shot. Ultimately your vet knows which vaccines your pup needs depending on their age and lifestyle.

What is a 7 way shot for dogs?

The 7 Way Shot helps protect your puppy from life-threatening diseases.

How many 9 WAY shots does a puppy need?

Puppies over 9 weeks and adults: Give a minimum of 2 doses at 3-4 week intervals. Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended. Precautions: Protective immunity may not be completely established in all puppies vaccinated at less than 16 weeks of age because of maternal antibody interference.


It’s the one thing you’re really not looking forward to with your new puppy: puppy shots.

Nobody wants to see their pet suffer, and we all know getting stuck with a needle is no fun. But puppy vaccines can literally save your dog’s life so, while they aren’t a party, puppy shots are indeed necessary if you want to set your dog up for a lifetime of good health.

Not every puppy is going to need every vaccine, and some ‘high risk’ puppies may need a more intense and aggressive vaccination program. Quite a lot depends on:

However, per the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there is a generally agreed upon ‘best practices’ protocol for puppy vaccines.