What Is A Roan Cocker Spaniel

You might think of Cocker Spaniels as instantly recognizable dogs. They do have a rather distinct, with their long, hanging ears covered in curly fur and some characteristic patterns that you often see. But those patterns change, and so do the colors that these dogs come in.

You might think you know Cocker Spaniels, but have you seen all 24 of these Cocker Spaniel colors and patterns? Would you ever recognize all of these pooches as Cocker Spaniels if no one told you they were? This list just goes to show what a diverse breed this really is, even if they all still share the same trademark lovable personalities and the same general physical look.

Of the 24 colors, all Cocker Spaniels are a mix or variety of these 10 main colors, some through markings and ticks, others through patterns and spots.

Roan is a coat pattern where a Cocker has a base colour, but then has hairs of a secondary colour mixed in, muting the base colour. For instance, a dog might be black, but have some white hairs mixed in, giving them an almost smoky effect on their fur.

Are blue roan Cocker spaniels unhealthy?

There is no apparent reason why blue roan Cocker Spaniels should be any less healthy than other types of cocker spaniel.

Some people with certain dog breeds like to make claims that they are not as healthy as others, but this is usually because they are a popular breed and there is a high demand for them.

Blue roan cocker spaniels can still have some of the same health issues as other dogs, such as eye problems or ear infections.

What Is A Roan Cocker Spaniel

How long do blue roan Cocker spaniels live for?

The average life expectancy for Cocker spaniels is 11 years although some can live up to 13 years.

There are various health conditions that can affect your Spaniel including eye problems, ear infections, arthritis and so on.

These conditions could have an impact on how long your dog lives or if he lives a full lifespan.


Cocker spaniels, in general, can be quite timid as well which is why from a very young age you need to train them to socialize with others better. This will help your pup to be a more jolly and confident dog.

Since they are quite easy to train you will not have an issue with this. They also cannot be left alone because they are prone to separation anxiety and you must also train them to know it is perfectly alright to be alone in the house sometimes.


How can you tell if a roan is a Cocker Spaniel?

Roan is defined as “having the base color (as red, black, or brown) muted and lightened by a mixture of white hairs.”

How can you tell if a puppy will be roan?

On a roan, they will be all black. Liver & White (ticked with flecks of brown) always with brown pigmentation. The pigmented areas of the skin including the nose, eye rims and lips are brown. The soles of the feet have definite areas of brown and white/pink.