What Is Ariana Grande’S Favorite Animal

Aside from her passion for singing, Ariana Grande is a total animal lover! Now, the songstress is bringing her love for her furry friends to a new level with the launch of her Orange Twins Rescue center. Ariana took to Twitter in November 2020, and revealed to fans that the animal rescue center was in the works.

“We are so happy, proud and excited,” she wrote, alongside a series of dog emojis. “Our site comin’ soon. Follow @/orangetwinsrescue on Instagram for more.”

Now, an official website is live! The Orange Twins Rescue center “is a non-profit animal rescue located in Los Angeles,” according to its Instagram bio.

“Our mission, first and foremost, is to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need,” the website reads. “Senior animals, strays, neglected, abused, or special needs, we do not discriminate and are proud of our fast-acting, effective and loving work! We are proud of our commitment to stepping up, and stepping in in times of need. We value our strong connection to our community, and are constantly working to find new avenues of outreach and education. Please join us on our mission!”

Throughout her time in the spotlight, the former Nickelodeon star has surrounded herself with pups (and one pig). Ariana’s 206 million Instagram followers have gotten acquainted with all the dogs she keeps in her entourage, including Toulouse who made his Hollywood debut in the “Thank U, Next” music video and alongside his mommy on her August 2019 Vogue cover.

Ariana also gushed over her pups in a 2015 interview with Billboard, revealing that her “mission is to help as many homeless dogs as I can find loving families who will cherish them.”

“I got involved with dog rescues by simply loving animals. Dogs are the most harmless, sweetest babes in the world. They show nothing but unconditional love, so they deserve that in return,” the singer gushed at the time. “I love my dogs and I love my fans as if they were family, so introducing the two and knowing that I helped some of my fans to have a new, unconditionally loving friend in their life makes me very happy.”

She added, “Making music, performing and acting are fun, but without using my voice, I’ll feel like I’m doing this for no reason.”

Over the years, fans have totally become aquatinted to all of Ariana’s pooches (thanks to social media). Looking for a guide to all Ari’s pets? J-14 has you covered with a complete breakdown! Scroll through our gallery to meet the singer’s animals and see pics of them all.

the seahorse

What is Ariana Grande’s all-time favorite song?

“Okay omg..so now ‘I’m in this world,’ ‘r.e.m.,’ ‘borderline,’ ‘pete davidson,’ ‘better off,’ ‘goodnight n go,’” Grande tweeted in response to a fan’s question about her current favorite tracks on the album. But it shifts a lot..’borderline’ and ‘everytime’ are two words that come to me when I think about it.

How many is too many dogs?

Having more than six to eight dogs as pets does seem excessive, unless you are a breeder or are involved in some canine enterprise that requires you to own many dogs, like foxhounds that you use for hunting.

What exactly is the matter with Ariana Grande’s eyes?

Ariana Grande’s eyes are dry. Every day, she forgets her contact solution.

Ariana Grande is a pop star from the United States. Boca Raton, Florida, United States Butera, Ariana Grande (/?ri?n? gr?nde?/) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who was born on June 26, 1993. On her subsequent albums, Sweetener (2018) and Thank U, Next (2019), Grande started experimenting with trap while maintaining her signature pop-R&B tones.


What animals do Ariana Grande have?

Ariana Grande currently has 9 dogs; Coco, Toulouse, Cinnamon, Strauss, Lafayette, Pignoli, Myron, Snape and Lily. She also has a Micro pig named Piggy Smallz.

What is Ariana Grande’s Favourite pet?

Her favorite animal is the seahorse.

What is Ariana Grande’s favorite emoji?

Her custom dress, which uses the most tulle you’ve probably ever seen, evokes her favorite, oft-used emoji: the gray cloud.

What is Ariana’s favorite color?

Okay, here are some quick facts about Grande: – Her favourite colour is lavender.