What is the average cost of dog allergy test? A Complete Guide

Does Pet Insurance Cover Dog Allergy Testing?

For pet parents who are anxiously reading and re-reading the jargon in their pet insurance policies regarding pre-existing conditions—there is good news! Often, pet insurance companies will help cover the costs of dog allergy testing.

This is a massive generalization of course, and we must recommend that you check with your pet insurance provider. Pet insurance as an industry does seem a little more lenient in its coverage policies than other branches of insurance. It’s worth checking, but thankfully, it’s well worth looking into!

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Dog’s Health

So, the good news regarding dog allergies, is they aren’t as much a threat to your dog’s wellbeing, as they are to their comfort. The two go hand-in-hand, so it still needs to be dealt with. Certain breeds like bully breeds—bulldogs, pit bulls, and some terriers are very prone to allergies. Another common trait that these breeds all share is tenacity, and we mention this for an important reason.

When a dog is really uncomfortable and left to their devices—like in the middle of the night, for example, they can get to scratching. Many dogs will injure themselves quite severely in this kind of situation, scratching their skin raw and damaging the home with blood, dander, and an unpleasant smell. It sounds like an extreme case but can happen easier than you may think. So, with that said, it needs to be a priority. Imagine the worst case of hives you ever had.

You wouldn’t wish that on your dog, for an hour, let alone a day or a week, so make sure you get them in! Luckily, the initial testing isn’t the most expensive trip to the vet you’ll have to make, however, treatments can add up.

What are the most typical allergens?

  • Mold spores
  • Dust and house dust mites
  • Medications
  • Insecticidal shampoo
  • Rubber and plastic
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