What is the best canned dog food on the market? Get Your Pet Thinking

Is it OK to mix wet and dry dog foods?

One way to enhance your dog’s appetite is to add a tasty wet food topper to her dry food.

Mixing a few tablespoons of one of the flavorful wet foods on this page with your dog’s kibble can make a big difference.

Just be sure both foods meet your dog’s nutritional needs… and are suitable for the same stage of life.

In other words… you don’t want to mix a puppy food with an adult formula… as this can upset the delicate nutrient balance of the complete meal.

Wet food or dry… which is better for your dog?

In many ways, canned food can be superior to kibble. In fact, wet foods typically contain more meat protein than dry recipes.

What’s more, wet foods add natural moisture to a dog’s diet. And because they’re pasteurized and sold in a sealed can, they contain no preservatives.

They’re easier to chew… a welcome advantage for older pets.

And wet dog foods taste better, too.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside. Wet dog foods can be more expensive than dry kibbles… which can make them less affordable when feeding larger dogs.

Here’s a feature-by-feature comparison between wet and dry foods.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Puppy Wet Dog Food – Best for Puppies

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Puppy Canned Dog Food is our pick as the best wet dog food for puppies. Puppy foods usually contain slightly higher protein and fat levels to help your dog develop quickly. This brand is suitable for senior dogs as well as puppies and contains chicken as its first ingredient. Omega fats help with eye and brain development as well as contribute to a soft, shiny coat. There are no meat by-products in this brand, and it contains no wheat, corn, or soy products that your dog may have difficulty digesting. You can give this food as a treat or as an additive to dry food to help it become more enticing to your dog. It also works perfectly as a standalone food.

While we were reviewing Blue Buffalo Homestyle Food, some of our dogs wouldn’t eat it and preferred to wait for a less healthy option.Pros

  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Contains omega fats
  • Works as a treat or standalone food
  • No meat by-products
  • No corn wheat or soy
  • Suitable for puppies and senior dogs
  • Cons

  • Some dogs don’t like it
  • 10 Best Canned Dog Foods 2020

    Feeding our dogs is part of a billion-dollar business. In fact, in the U.S. alone, $42 billion was spent on pet food and treats this year! We all know how vital food is for pets, so finding the right food for our dogs is our top priority. But there is so much to choose from! If you have a picky dog or are a new dog owner and haven’t established the likes and dislikes of your pet yet, where do you even begin?

    We created reviews for 12 of the best-canned dog foods and wet dog foods, so you can pick and choose at your leisure. Hopefully, this will help save you time, and you can find your dog’s next favorite meal.