What is the best emotional support dog for a child? Let’s Explore

MalteseIf you’re looking for a silky white pint-size cuddle bug with big expressive eyes, the Maltese might be the emotional support dog for you. When they’re not cozying up on your lap, they are the life of the party, even if if it’s just a party for the two of you. “The Maltese is a good choice for a single adult, as they tend to have a favorite person that they attach to,” says Dr. Choczynski Johnson. They can’t give therapeutic advice, but they’ll comfort and soothe you with a lick or muzzle snuggle. As an emotional support animal, The Maltese is probably nearby most of the time. Still, keeping them in your sights is a good thing because they’re one of the

What is the best emotional support dog for a child?

Standard poodleOf the three sizes of poodles, the standard poodle is the largest at around 50 to 60 pounds. If you’ve ever seen a poodle in the show ring, you may think they look too “foo-foo” and self-absorbed to be emotional support dogs. Not a chance—they are actually quite lovey-dovey, eager to please, and easy to be around you 24/7. When it comes to grooming, poodles have

What is the best emotional support dog for a child?


Hamsters are the cutest rodents ever. They are easy to care for and train. Although they can quickly get aggressive, that’s why out of other hamsters, only Syrian hamsters are suggested as they are friendly pets. You can keep the hamster in a cage, but don’t forget to clean it from time to time.

Hamsters are best for teens who like to spend time alone in their room as a hamster friend will always be there for them to accompany. However, the life span of a hamster is not more than three years.

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