What is the difference between a cat and dog flea collar? A Complete Guide

Can I use a cat Seresto collar on my dog?

Seresto, developed by Bayer and now sold by Elanco, works by releasing small amounts of pesticide onto the animal for months at a time. The pesticide is supposed to kill fleas, ticks and other pests but be safe for cats and dogs.

Can I use a cat flea treatment on my dog?

Canine formulations of flea and tick preventive products can be lethal for cats, so you can not use the same medication on your dog as your cat — unless it has been specifically formulated for both species.

What are the active ingredients in the Seresto Flea and Tick Control collar?

Seresto contains the active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin. These are topical active ingredients – which means they are not absorbed into the bloodstream of your pet but they are instead bound to the lipid (fat) layer of your pet’s skin and are also present in their coat. The ingredients are locked away inside the collar’s matrix, for your peace of mind. The collar is clinically proven, recommended by vets, and can be used on puppies from 7 weeks and kittens from 10 weeks of age.

  • Imidacloprid – Imidacloprid is an active ingredient that kills fleas within 24 hours by affecting their central nervous system. Fleas are affected through contact, meaning they don’t have to bite your pet in order to be killed.ƚ
  • Imidacloprid also helps to kill flea larvae (after flea eggs have hatched) in the pet’s surroundings within the home, following contact with the treated pet.

  • Flumethrin – Flumethrin affects the central nervous system of ticks. Flumethrin also works through contact, so it repels and kills ticks before they have a chance to bite your pet.ƚ
  • It is important to note that all flea collars use different types of active ingredients that work differently, depending on the individual flea collar.

    Safety features

    Cats are curious creatures and dogs love to explore the great outdoors, which makes them perfect companions but it can also mean they get into the odd spot of bother.

    Luckily, the Seresto collar has been designed with a ratchet release system, allowing it to widen if your pet becomes trapped while on an adventure. Seresto Flea and Tick Control collar for cats and small dogs has an extra safety feature: the built-in breaking-point, which allows the collar to break entirely if enough force is applied. This provides an additional layer of protection to give you peace of mind.

    If you want to know more, read our guide to flea collars.

    How Do Flea Collars Work?

    Fleas are an unpleasant thought. We don’t want them on our pets and we certainly don’t want them in our homes. Thankfully, there are a multitude of effective flea treatments out there, so you can choose the format that’s right for your dog or cat and your lifestyle.

    You may be considering your options, from oral tablets to topical products, like spot-ons that are placed onto your pet’s skin, but a flea collar could be the solution you’re looking for.