What Is The Difference Between Human And Dog Clippers

When you are desperate to get your dog’s hair trimmed or shaved, without having to pay a dog groomer to do the job, it can be tempting to use the human clippers you have lying around. The idea of purchasing an entire new set of grooming tools for your dog might leave you wondering, “Can you cut dog hair with human clippers?”

Human clippers use smaller, finer blades that cut closer to the skin, while dog clippers use thicker, longer blades which are designed to move through coarser hair and don’t get so close to the skin.

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Critical Differences Between Dog and Human Clippers

Clippers for dogs and humans often look the same or similar. There are still noticeable differences that are important to note before using them.

At first glance, your dog groomers clippers might seem just like the ones the barber uses for trimming your hair. A closer look shows differences, such as a different blade design to prevent pulling a pets hair. Pet clippers have motors and blades designed to cut a variety of fur types. As a result, their price can be nearly 1.5 times as high as human hair clippers. To use the right clipper for a dog, youll need to do some research. You may need more than one clipper for individual dogs.

Grooming combs fit over the blade to deliver an even cut. Pet combs designed to cut from 1/16 inch to 2 inches are common in a dog groomers clipper kit. Combs designed for human clippers generally are 1 inch or less. For longer-haired dogs, or those susceptible to matting, try a de-matting comb. Scissors and grooming shears are also a must-have item in any groomers toolkit.

Pet clippers accommodate the aforementioned different types of hair with variable-speed motors and interchangeable blades. High speeds up to 5,000 strokes per minute give a smooth sheen for finishing the cut. Lower speeds allow the groomer to work on tender areas such as face and feet while creating less heat and vibration.

Just as you would not use pet clippers for hair on a human, you would also not use human clippers on pets. Dont cut corners by using a tool made for something else to do double-duty as a pet grooming tool. Choosing between dog grooming clippers vs. human clippers is key. Get the right tool for the job, and your dog will thank you.

While humans have one type of hair on their heads — known as terminal hair — pets have several types on their bodies. Bristle is the durable layer of guard hairs that make up the exterior of a dogs coat, protecting an undercoat known as wool. Whiskers and other coarse long hairs on the face are another type of hair known as vibrissae. Some dogs such as Yorkshire terriers have hair similar to humans.