What is the first thing to do when you get a puppy? What to Know

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Before you even get in the car to go pick up your new best friend, there are some things you want to have on hand at home and several items you need to buy for your puppy before he even arrives. By purchasing these beforehand, you’ll be all set for those first few days with your new dog.

A Crate For Your Puppy – How Big Should My Puppy’s Crate Be?

Buy them a crate that fits them! Little puppies don’t need Great Dane size kennels and Great Dane puppies are only going to get bigger. With too much space, your puppy will feel like he’s got room to potty in his kennel and cause a mess. Too little space and he’ll be uncomfortable while he’s sleeping or kenneled up.

You can cover this crate with a blanket for bedtime and naps to create a cozy space where your new puppy feels safe. Keeping the crate in your room will help your puppy feel comfortable and cared for as he learns to trust and rely on you. Leaving him alone in the crate in another room might save you on sleep but it’s also a recipe for your pup to get into trouble, have accidents, or feel isolated.

Set up His Room – Where Should My Puppy Sleep?

Everyone likes to have their own space to relax and sleep securely and puppies are no different. His kennel is his room and it should be set up before he even gets there. Put a bed, an old t-shirt of yours, and a couple of safe toys inside his kennel, and introduce him to it once you get home. Let him sniff around, put him inside for just a minute, and make sure he knows it’s his safe place. You can drape a blanket over the kennel to make it darker and more secure as well but determining if this will be better or worse may take some trial and error.

New Puppy Tips – Surviving the First Week

Bringing home a new puppy is one of the most exciting moments in the lives of dog lovers everywhere. Here they are, your new loyal companion, your buddy who will be by your side like no human friend ever could.

It’s a beautiful moment. And then you realize what you actually have, is a furry toddler who doesn’t understand English and chews on EVERYTHING.

It’s easy to forget how hard raising a puppy can be. They’re cute and fluffy, and in no time at all, they’ll be that loyal companion you dreamt of. But right now, they are a disaster. And you’re starting to wonder if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

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If that’s where you are right now, take a breath. Those first ten days with your new puppy may be tough, but they are also some of the most important of your new dog’s life. To make the most of them, and to make your life easier, here are 10 things you should try to do with your new puppy in their first 10 days in their new home.

He may seem like a sweet chocolate lab puppy right now, but in just a few months this guy will be large enough to do some major damage on wood furniture and pull his owner across the street. The right training now will make for an easier future.