What is the hardest thing about owning a dog? Tips and Tricks

Dogs should have a fenced yard.

Without a fenced yard, you would need to take your dog outside on a leash even for bathroom breaks. That really isnt fair to any dog larger than a Chihuahua.

Dogs want and deserve a safe fenced area where they can stretch their legs and run around a little, several times a day. Dogs dont like being tethered to a leash all the time. [read more]

What do dog owners struggle with?Pet owners face many problems nowadays. There are many problems but we will talk about these three problems. Those are unsocialized dogs, financial expenses, and a lost dog. Unsocialized dogs are anxious, awkward, and don’t know how to relate to their own four-legged chums.

  • Pets Urge to Runaway. If you have a dog, cat, or rabbit as your newbie pet, escapists tendencies are more frequent in them. …
  • Pets Facing Separation Anxiety. …
  • Disrupting the Harmony at Home. …
  • Unexpected Medical Emergencies. …
  • Surface Scratches and Chewing.
  • Vacation planning becomes much more difficult

    t When you don’t have a dog, it’s easy to book a last-minute trip to an exotic island and leave all your worries behind. But when you share your life with a four-legged family member, planning for that dream vacation becomes a nightmare. It’s sometimes difficult to find a reliable pet sitter or boarding kennel that you trust with your fur baby. And coordinating schedules with a willing friend or family member is not always easy. Plus, let’s face it, spending extended time away from your dog is pretty unbearable.

    t Vacationing with your dog is always a possibility, but it requires looking into pet-friendly hotels and activities and researching all the rules and regulations if you’re traveling by plane or other mass transit options. Suddenly that staycation or simple weekend road trip begins to look a lot more appealing than jetting off for an extended overseas holiday.

    t The 10 most loyal dog breeds

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