What is the healthiest moist dog food? Here’s the Answer

Wet food or dry… which is better for your dog?

In many ways, canned food can be superior to kibble. In fact, wet foods typically contain more meat protein than dry recipes.

What’s more, wet foods add natural moisture to a dog’s diet. And because they’re pasteurized and sold in a sealed can, they contain no preservatives.

They’re easier to chew… a welcome advantage for older pets.

And wet dog foods taste better, too.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside. Wet dog foods can be more expensive than dry kibbles… which can make them less affordable when feeding larger dogs.

Here’s a feature-by-feature comparison between wet and dry foods.

Is it OK to mix wet and dry dog foods?

One way to enhance your dog’s appetite is to add a tasty wet food topper to her dry food.

Mixing a few tablespoons of one of the flavorful wet foods on this page with your dog’s kibble can make a big difference.

Just be sure both foods meet your dog’s nutritional needs… and are suitable for the same stage of life.

In other words… you don’t want to mix a puppy food with an adult formula… as this can upset the delicate nutrient balance of the complete meal.

1 Merrick Grain-Free Wet Dog Food Cowboy Cookout

Merrick features chunks of deboned beef as its first ingredient carefully inspected by USDA. It also has granny smith apples, green beans, and carrots as additional source of nutrients. This dog food is 100% free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.

It is also free from by-products which saves your dog from harmful substances. It has an easy-pull tab which makes mealtime preparations stress-free. Moreover, it is grain-free which makes it suitable for dogs with grain allergies.


  • It has a savory gravy for added moisture and flavor
  • Filled with flavorful meat chunks
  • Can be served as a meal or a topper
  • Cons

  • Can cause tartar buildup eventually
  • Some cans have more broth than chunks
  • Ranking Your Dog’s FOOD! Nutritionist’s Dog Food Guide

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    Dogs are more than pets. They’re a furry member of the family. You want healthy dog food for your dog, just like you want nutritious food for the rest of your family. The best dog food choices run far and wide. There are limited ingredient recipes, puppy and senior dog recipes, and organic dog food, among the many options. The best wet dog food is the one that meets the dietary needs of your dog based on his age, size, activity level, and medical history. We’ve created a list of some of the healthiest wet dog foods so that you know your dog gets the nutrients he needs for his stage of life.