What is the least recalled dog food? Simple and Effective Tips

Holistic Select

This company operates under the concept that total body health begins with a healthy digestive system. Hence, they use natural ingredients together with supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Still, it produces both dry and wet dog foods and only uses high-quality ingredients. It also has many recipe options, helping you find the perfect food for your dog. However, it only offers grain-free recipes, and unless your dog has a grain allergy, most vets recommend having some grains in their diet.

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If you’re looking for a unique protein choice for your dog, Zignature dog food is sure to have it. It has all the traditional protein choices, like chicken, turkey, pork, duck, and beef, but it also has exotic proteins, including kangaroo, whitefish, catfish, trout, venison, and guinea fowl. This means if you have a pup with food allergies, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a formula that works for them.

We tracked down the dog food brands that have never been a part of a recall. We double-checked each of the entries with the FDA pet food recall database to give you a list that you can trust.

Since a company can have a recall at any moment, we recommend checking the database yourself once you settle on a dog food for your pup!

How Can I Report an Issue with My Dog’s Food?

If you suspect that a batch of your dog’s food may be hazardous or defective, you can contact the FDA by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Dog-Food Recall Now Includes 18 Brands

Getting an alert that a dog food has been recalled can be scary. You scramble to check if its the food you feed your canine companions. After all, you are putting a lot fo trust in the dog food company with your dogs health and safety. Theres no shame in using a brand that has had past recalls – we do! Even the most recommended dog foods can have recalls, as accidents can happen to anyone. But here are 13 dry dog food brands that have never been recalled.