What is the main idea of Dog Man Lord of the Fleas? A Comprehensive Guide

Why did Petey get kicked out of the critter Scouts?

Petey reveals that he was in the Critter Scouts as a young kitten, and was kicked out after an incident in which the scouts turned on each other.

Chapter 5: A Buncha Stuff That Happened Next

Dog Man is still unhappy about what happened from Chapter 3. When he came to his doghouse, he notices Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu on the TV news. Dog Man and 80-HD go into their superhero alter-egos and run off to save them.

Meanwhile, Petey and Lil Petey are still on their escape from town, but LP wants to save Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu, but Petey says that the only thing they have is an old shrink ray, which only has two shots left, and besides, he cant go out looking like a hero. LP tells Petey that he should switch expectations, causing Petey to decide to save his friends, but only if LP should stop calling him “papa”.

Mega Robot Petey sneaks up behind the Fleas, as Petey tells LP the plan: LP should stay there while Petey sneaks out here so he can shrink the Fleas, without hitting LPs friends. Petey carefully aims the shrink ray at the Fleas, but then LP sneaks up behind him and shouts “Hey, Petey!”, causing him to accidentally drop the ray on the ground. The Fleas suddenly notice the two cats. They are about to zap them with their killer death ray, but it instead destroys Mega Robot Peteys exoskeleton.

Petey and Lil Petey dash to the top of Robot Peteys Head, but they slip and fall. Just before they hit the ground, Bark Knight and Lightning Dude save them. Luckily, 80-HD brings Lil Petey his superhero costume.

Dog Man: Behind the Epicness!

George and Harold are in fifth grade, and their teacher is making them read classic literature. When they read Lord of the Flies it inspired them to write a novel.

Sneak Peek of Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas by Dav Pilkey | Episode 4