What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

Pitbulls have the unfortunate reputation of being some of the most feared dogs on the planet. However, these kind-natured pups are valued by purebred dog lovers who appreciate the admirable qualities associated with pitbull breeds. These passionate pitbull fans are often willing to pay high prices for a pup, but what are the most expensive pitbulls?

The most expensive pitbull is White Rhino, a solid white American Bully. This Texas-born pup sold for a jaw-dropping $250,000, making him the priciest pitbull ever sold. Still, most American Bully dogs are costlier than other types of pitbulls.

This guide will explore the different types of pitbulls and offer a ranked listing of the priciest pitbulls ever sold. So, if you’ve got your eye on one of these powerful pups, you’ll know exactly how much to save before contacting a breeder.

Did you know that there are several types of pitbull breeds? In total, there are five recognized types of pitbulls:

Some of these breeds are pricier than others. For example, the American Bully tends to be the most expensive type of pitbull, while the American Staffordshire Terriers are often the most affordable.

Still, prices vary depending on coat coloration, lineage, and the dog’s age. Generally, young pitbulls with rare coat colors garner the highest prices.

Who Is A Person or Breeder That Owns White Rhino Pitbull?

White Rhino has gone through several owners. Mike R. Wallander of Mikeland Kennels was the first owner of White Rhino. Mike, who is a breeder, produced the dog by breeding Mikeland’s famous stud resident Kracker Jack to his other his female Ghost, who also belongs to Mikeland Kennels. The pitbull produced by Kracker Jack and Ghost turned out to be the best quality pups, and Mike was soon known for producing the best studs who owe their lineage to Kracker Jack. Mike later sold White Rhino to a person named Armando Perez. Under him, his White Rhino gained some no small notoriety among the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and Bully breeders community. It was during this time White Rhino would change owners again. Armando was approached by a gentleman named David Potter, who is associated with Iron Kast Kennels.

David made Armando an offer that he can’t refuse: David offered to buy White Rhine from Armando with a property whose worth value is $250,000. That’s a lot of money for one dog, and since Armando is into Real Estate, it was easy for him to use one of the properties he owned for buying White Rhino from David as means of a business transaction. There was some compilations concerning the transaction at first but was eventually resolved. With usual paperwork and notarization in the Texas State (where the property was located) for a property, the transaction is official and done with. The object of the transaction a Bully dog would be later known as most expensive American Bully to be sold. With that kind of amount, White Rhino is a worthy bearer of that title. Check our Review on Dry Dog Food for Pitbulls & Best Dry Food for American Bulldogs.

What is This Bully’s Breed?

White Rhino is an American Bully although he looks whiter compared to others of his kind. White Rhino is the product of the breeding of Kracker Jack Mikeland Kennels most famous stud and Ghost, a female dog who is also part of Mikeland Kennels. There couldn’t be a more fitting sire for White Rhino since Kracker Jack has sired other dogs like Bully Bear, Cali Kingpin’s Bomba, Gottyline’s Nicky, Black dice and Escalade, and Mikeland Kennel’s very own Nitro DNA-P and Salara. Mikeland Kennels is known for raising family-oriented dogs who have big blocky heads and Max body width. White Rhino, the most expensive American Bully, got all of these qualities from his sire. Only his predominant white coat is his own. Read our List of American Bully Vitamins.

White and Brindle American Bulldogs

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

If you’ve ever seen Homeward Bound, you’re likely familiar with the American Bulldog breed. In this film, the part of Chance was played by multiple American Bulldogs.

But while the dog in this film is mostly white with black patches, the most expensive type of American Bulldog tends to be white and brindle pups.

It’s challenging to describe this color pattern. But the best way to picture a white and brindle American Bulldog is to imagine a mostly white pup with patches of multi-colored fur. This multi-colored coat often consists of dark brown and black fur.

This coat pattern is exceptionally rare, making pups with white and brindle coats far pricier than their counterparts. Typically, a white and brindle American Bulldog puppy sells for $2,000 to $3,000.

Naturally, this price doesn’t include to cost to raise such a puppy, which often increases the starting price by several thousand dollars. That’s because American Bulldog pups are boisterous and energetic, requiring extensive training lessons and plenty of interaction to remain happy and healthy.

But the prices of these iconic dogs can’t compare to the cost of blue American Pitbull Terriers.

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

While you might imagine a bright, sky-blue pup when you think of blue American Pitbull Terriers, dogs with blue coats tend to have silver-gray coats with hints of navy blue.

This coat color is rarely achieved, even when two parents with blue coats are bred together. This is because this hue comes from the presence of recessive genes, making it far less likely to end up expressed.

When most people think of pitbulls, this is the breed they imagine. They have broad heads, wide-set eyes, and muscular bodies. However, they’re also incredibly sweet, and they typically feature either mottled light-colored fur or solid dark-colored fur.

As such, finding a blue American Pitbull Terrier can take years. When you find one, you can expect to spend at least $2,500 on a puppy.

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

Red American Pitbull Terriers have a rich brownish coat, but they often have white chests, bellies, and elbows. This particular type of coat color may not be as rare as some coat colors (we’re looking at you, fawn), but it is relatively rare.

A single red American Pitbull Terrier can cost $3,000, often more. This high price is often the result of the rare coat color, though lineage and location can also contribute to costs.

Additionally, American Pitbull Terriers are heavily discriminated against. You could pay thousands of dollars more each year to own one of these dogs, as many apartment complexes and regulated neighborhoods charge pet parents more to own this breed.

Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adopt one, as these pups are incredibly charming and friendly, especially when well-trained.

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

As we mentioned previously, blue-colored pitbulls are incredibly rare. This is true of American Pitbull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The primary difference between these pitbull types is their country of origin. As you might suspect, American Pitbull Terriers come from the United States, while Staffordshire Bull Terriers originally come from the United Kingdom.

If you live in North America and would like to own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, you can expect to spend thousands on transportation fees alone. However, when you add adoption fees to this initial cost, you’ll end up with a total price tag of more than $4,000.

These clever dogs can also be quite costly to raise due to training costs and toy costs. In addition, while they’re exceptionally friendly and great with children, they also have relatively high energy and exercise requirements.

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

The best way to describe fawn fur color is to say it’s a golden, light brown with hints of cream. It’s very similar to the standard fur color of Golden Retriever dogs. However, American Pitbull Terriers have a very different lineage than retrievers.

Consequently, finding an American Pitbull Terrier with light brown fawn fur can be challenging. This fur color is one of the rarest for the breed, making fawn puppies and dogs far pricier than white or mottled American Pitbull Terriers.

Are you looking to own a fawn American Pitbull Terrier? If so, you can expect to spend at least $5,000 on the adoption, and several thousand dollars more on training lessons, veterinary exams, food, and toys.

However, fawn-colored American Pitbull Terriers aren’t nearly as rare or as pricey as champagne-colored American Bullies.

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

We’ve reached the upper tier of pitbulls—American Bullies. This is the priciest pitbull type. But why is this kind of pitbull so costly?

Firstly, the American Bully dog experiences multiple breeding challenges. Due to their wide, stout bodies and large heads, they can struggle to reproduce naturally.

Additionally, these pitbulls often require specialized care when it comes to birthing puppies due to their comparatively narrow hips. While this breed has a large head and broad shoulders, their hips make birthing difficult.

Producing American Bully puppies is expensive, as breeders need to test their breeding pair for genetic abnormalities, pay for artificial insemination, and spend money on cesarian section procedures.

Breeders often charge higher-than-average prices for American Bully puppies due to the expenses they incur trying to produce offspring. In addition, rare fur colors, like champagne (a light gray/blue with light brown muzzle and paws), increase costs.

It’s not unusual to see champagne American Bully puppies listed at $5,000 or more. This makes them some of the priciest pitbull puppies available. Still, the champagne tri American Bully is even more expensive.

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

Champagne tri (also called amarillo) American Bullies are similar to champagne American Bullies. The primary difference is that instead of having brown muzzles and paws, they have white fur in these spots.

However, there’s also a price difference. Champagne tri American Bullies can cost about $6,000 per puppy, sometimes more. That’s because white fur is a recessive trait for pitbulls.

So, producing a pup with the ideal combination of champagne fur and white fur is hugely challenging. Getting solid white offspring is even trickier, making solid white American Bully dogs the costliest type of pitbulls.

What Is The Most Expensive Bully Breed

White American Bullies are the most expensive type of pitbull. But, as we’ve mentioned, this pitbull variety is incredibly challenging to breed. Unfortunately, like the most expensive elements, these dogs are exceptionally rare.

Lighter fur colorations, specifically solid colors, are very typically recessive. This means that they’re not commonly expressed. As a result, a small percentage of pups have solid, light-colored fur, with solid white being one of the rarest and most prized.

The priciest white American Bully ever sold was White Rhino, a male dog born and bred in Texas. He sold for a whopping $250,000! Still, some American Bully dogs are valued at twice this amount.

These dogs are highly prized due to their physical characteristics, like their large heads and flat nostrils. However, these traits are also why these dogs are challenging to breed and raise.

After all, pups with large heads are often delivered via cesarian section, often costing thousands of dollars. In addition, dogs with large flat noses may also experience breathing difficulties, particularly as they age.

The cost to own and care for one of these pitbulls is far higher than average.


What color bully is most expensive?

Venomline is believed to be one of the most valuable American Bully bloodlines in the world and its owner, Matt Siebenthal, originally from Houston Texas, now located in South Florida. Before retirement, Venom brought in earnings of over $2 million dollars.

How much is the most expensive pocket bully?

The prices for solid, tricolor, brindle, and merle blue American Bullies differ greatly. Among all of them, the blue tricolor American Bully is the most expensive because of its rarity.