What is the most fattening dog food? Here’s the Answer

Bully Max / Gorilla Max Canine Supplement Combo

When you purchase this combo package, you actually get two different weight-gain supplements for one reasonable price. Bully Max is designed to help sick, malnourished or underweight dogs put on more body weight, while Gorilla Max is specifically designed for canine athletes. Best Dog Food and Supplement Combo for Weight Gain

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Best Dry: Purina Pro Plan Performance – High Protein Dry Dog Food – Chicken & Rice

Purina Pro Plan Performance – High Protein Dry Dog Food – Chicken & Rice has earned the distinction of being the A-Z Animal’s pick for the best high-calorie dry dog food. Your dog is sure to enjoy this tasty Chicken & Rice recipe, which features the highest-quality protein, and extra antioxidants. These antioxidants help provide support for heart, stomach, and joint health. Another advantage of antioxidants is that they boost dogs’ immune systems, which we find helpful.

Real chicken is the first ingredient. And there are 25 minerals and nutrients in this food, all of which are vital for underweight dogs. It’s available in 6, 18, 37.5, and 48-pound bags.

A few users said that they experienced quality control issues, such as crumbly kibble and beetles and larva in the bag. Also a small minority of pet parents reported that their dogs suffered skin and digestive allergies after consuming this food.

How many times should my dog eat to gain weight?

Ideally, a grown dog should eat two to three times a day. It is a good idea to add another meal to encourage weight gain. Go for a high protein, high-fat dog food with a healthy amount of carbs in it. If your dog doesn’t eat that extra meal, you can opt for a healthier treat instead.


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