What Kind Of Dog Is Bingo From Bluey

It’s too bad that “Bingo” doesn’t have a less-jokey screenplay and tighter direction, because it does have a photogenic and sympathetic star in the mixed-breed border collie whose real name is Bingo.

red heeler

Bingo and Chilli are Red Heelers.

Bingo and Chilli are red heelers, which are also known as Australian cattle dogs. “Both coat varieties feature distinctive mottling or specking patterns,” according to the AKC.

What Kind Of Dog Is Bingo From Bluey

Bluey and Bandit are Blue Heelers.

Like her name hints, Bluey is a blue heeler, also known as an Australian cattle dog, who can be born with blue or red coats. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), this breed is “compact but muscular” with “boundless energy,” who become “bored and gets into mischief.” Sounds just like Bluey!

Several of Bluey’s family members are also Blue Heelers, including her dad, Bandit, and her cousin, Muffin.

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What dog breed is Bingo?

Unlike Baxter, the malicious French bull terrier, Bingo does not learn contempt for humans from his experiences. He’s essentially loyal like Lassie, but also an adorable trickster like Benji.

What breed is Bluey from Bluey?

Biography. Chilli appears to be an Australian Cattle Dog Red Heeler much like her husband Bandit.

Is Bluey and Bingo a boy or a girl?

So what’s the appeal? Bluey follows a blue heeler pup who lives with her parents and her four-year-old sister, Bingo, in Brisbane. Mundane activities like going to the shops and visiting the doctor become an opportunity for imaginative play.