What Kind Of Dog Is Rita From Oliver And Company

Then one day the adorable tabby meets Dodger, a cocky terrier mix in a bandanna who introduces the waif to a life of crime. There’s a good chance your kids will sit through Walt Disney’s “Oliver & Company” without a rustle or a whisper.

Furthermore What type of dog is Georgette? Georgette is a major antagonist-turned-supporting character in Disney’s 1988 movie Oliver & Company. She is the prize-winning pedigree poodle of the Foxworth family, and while initially antagonistic to Jenny’s pet cat Oliver, his presence causes her to change for the better.

Subsequently, What breed is Dodger Chris Evans dog? There is no stronger bond than that of a human and their pup — and Chris Evans and his dog, Dodger, are prime examples of this dynamic. The Avengers star, 38, first met his sweet mixed-breed boxer around the time he was filming his 2017’s Gifted.


The next day, the gang is riding in Fagins scooter, but then theyre told to get out on the street to search for food while Fagin searches for a way to earn or even steal money to pay off Sykes, reminding them that “dead men do not buy dog food”. Dodger intends to help Fagin with his financial problems and the gang agrees to help too. Rita sings “Streets of Gold” while educating Oliver about the rough, tough streets of New York and about “how the best survive by keeping their dreams alive.” During the song, a vicious alley dog begins to chase Oliver, before Dodger, Rita, and the rest of the gang growl at the alley dog and shoo him away. Oliver even tries to “bark” like a dog to shoo the alley dog away too and the gang finds it amusing a bit. When Dodger notices a limousine, he comes up with a plan on how to steal its radio and give it to Fagin to exchange it for some money as partial payment to his debt with his evil boss. Later on, after Einstein stops the limousine with Jenny Foxworth in it by running into the front fender of it head-first as part of Dodgers plan, Francis plays the part of the dog hit as a way of distracting Winston, the driver, and the Foxworth familys butler, while Oliver and Tito mostly handle the theft. When the plan backfires due to Oliver slipping on the keys and starting the engine, Tito is seen “flying” out of the car after being electrocuted. Rita and the gang get back to Fagin while Dodger and Tito follow the car to where Oliver was being taken by Jenny and Winston.

In front of them, a train is coming their way. Rita and the others brace themselves for impact, but Tito can save everyone by jumping on one of the cables of the bridge and driving them to the top. However, Oliver and Dodger are still in the car, fighting Sykes. Sykes throws Oliver and Dodger out of his car, then he notices the train heading his way, and the train kills him, thus sending him and his car into the East River. When the rest of the company drives back down, Jenny runs to search for Oliver, only to find a sad Dodger approaching, holding a “thought to be dead” Oliver. At first, everyone thinks hes dead but, when Jenny hears a soft meow from him, she quickly realizes that he is alive, and everyone is rejoiced, except Georgette, who is still in great shock from the chase. Then, Dodger and the rest of the gang are accepted as Jennys new best friends.

After Fagin, Oliver, and Dodgers rendezvous with Sykes and his Dobermans, Rita and the dogs are seen waiting with Fagin and Oliver, in his pocket, for their rendezvous with Olivers unknown wealthy cat owner (Jenny), while Ritas worried about Dodger due to the injuries he sustained fighting Roscoe and DeSoto to protect Fagin, but he assures her that “they never laid a paw on me.” After Fagin and Jenny have a small conversation with Sykes and his dogs unnoticeably watching them in his car, Jenny turns out to be Olivers owner with only a piggy bank as payment to get Oliver back and starts crying. Fagin, at first, has a hard decision about whether to follow his good heart or not, then he gives up and pretends to find Oliver in a box and hands him to Jenny. Unfortunately, Sykes bursts into the scene, kidnaps Jenny, throws Oliver out of the window, and tells Fagin to keep his mouth shut and consider their account closed, intending to ransom Jenny to get the money Fagin owes him so that Fagins debt will be paid in full through that.

When two evil Dobermans, Roscoe and DeSoto enter their home after hearing the car horn, Fagin goes up to have a meeting with their master and his evil boss, Sykes, whom he owes money to. DeSoto sniffs around the place while Roscoe begins to flirt with a disgruntled Rita, but Francis insults him and Tito high-fives him to congratulate and encourage him but finds himself confronted by the angry Doberman. Tito gets angry and tries to fight Roscoe, not before being held back by Einstein. Then, Einstein insults Roscoe until he is confronted by the angry Doberman. As Dodger tries to calm Roscoe down and tells him hes lost his sense of humor, Roscoe says he hasnt lost his sense of humor and smashes the television to prove it, laughing in a sinister way as a reply. When Oliver is discovered by DeSoto, in return for trying to eat Oliver, only to have has his nose scratched by Oliver, Roscoe and DeSoto attempt to attack Oliver, before Dodger jumps into the scene and protects him. Then the rest of the gang join in to protect their new cat friend from the two evil dogs. Rita gets the final taunt in when Sykes honks his horn to summon his Dobermans back to the car with telling them “Run along, Roscoe. Your masters calling.” with a sly, malicious smirk. The Dobermans have no choice but to withdraw, but warn Dodger and the others that they will be back, and when they do, the gang will pay, with Oliver being first on their hitlist.

From the top of Sykes office, Oliver and the dogs observe Sykes talking on the phone to Winston for the ransom from Jennys parents, and Jenny okay, but tied up. Dodger comes up with a plan on how to distract Sykes and help Jenny. The Dobermans are later alerted by their enemies smell. While Tito, Francis, and Einstein distract Sykes by posing as a pizza delivery guy and luring him away, Oliver and the rest of the dogs enter and try to rescue Jenny. Oliver and Jenny are happily reunited. The rest of the gang shows up after having distracted their enemies.


Bolt is a fictional White Swiss Shepherd and the eponymous protagonist of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 2008 animated film of the same name. In the film, he is voiced by John Travolta.

What breed is Rita? Rita is a Saluki and the female deuteragonist in Disney’s 1988 movie, Oliver & Company. She is the only female member of Fagin’s dog gang.

Who did all dogs go to heaven? All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 animated musical fantasy adventure comedy-drama film directed by Don Bluth and co-directed by Gary Goldman (his directorial debut) and Dan Kuenster. …

All Dogs Go to Heaven
Box office US$27.1 million

How many Disney dogs are there? Tell us which Disney dog group you’d like to see next in the comments! Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post noted that the chart included 54 Disney dogs, when there are actually 53. We were never great at math so let’s just leave it at that.

Lady and the Tramp Dogs (1955)

Lady from Lady and the Tramp (1955) is a Cocker Spaniel

Tramp from Lady and the Tramp (1955) is a Cocker Spaniel and Schnauzer mix

Peg from Lady and the Tramp (1955) is a Pekingese

Angel from Lady and the Tramp 2 (2001) is a Pomeranian mix

Prince Eric’s Dog Max from The Little Mermaid (1989) is a English Sheepdog

Little Brother from Mulan (1998) is a Jack Russell Terrier

Bruno from Cinderella (1950) is a Bloodhound

Nana from Peter Pan (1953) is a Newfoundland

Percy from Pocahontas (1995) is a Pug

Scud from Toy Story (1995) is a Bull Terrier

Buster from Toy Story (1995) is a Dachshund

Dug from UP (2009) is a Golden Retriever

  • Alpha from UP (2009) is a Doberman
  • Beta from UP (2009) is a Rottweiler
  • Gamma from UP (2009) is a Bulldog
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    What type of dog is copper?

    Georgette is a major antagonist-turned-supporting character in Disney’s 1988 movie Oliver & Company. She is the prize-winning pedigree poodle of the Foxworth family, and while initially antagonistic to Jenny’s pet cat Oliver, his presence causes her to change for the better.

    What breed is bolt dog?

    Copper, a bloodhound crossbred, was once the favorite among his Master’s pack of hunting dogs in a rural country area. However, he now feels threatened by Chief, a younger, faster Black and Tan Coonhound. Copper hates Chief, who is taking Copper’s place as pack leader.