What kind of puppy looks like a teddy bear? A Complete Guide


What kind of puppy looks like a teddy bear?

Samoyeds came from the cold climate of Siberia, which is why their coats are so thick. They were originally working dogs who herded reindeer and pulled sleds.


What kind of puppy looks like a teddy bear?

This breed is the symbol of the 18th century Dutch Patriots Party. They’re also called Dutch barge dogs because they were kept as companions on barges and guarded them. The Keeshond is the national dog of the Netherlands.

The Bichon Frise is often compared to a cotton ball due to its fluffy, curled double coat. “It’s a cheerful, gentle dog that requires regular exercise,” says DiNardo. Also, the Bichon’s hair grows continually and doesn’t shed, so it requires extensive grooming to prevent mats. But if you can keep up with the grooming and commit to regular walks and playtime, the Bichon is a cuddly, cute companion to add to your home.

This small breed pairs the Husky with the Pomeranian for a fluffy, plush pooch with pointed ears. “Often mistaken for a mini or a puppy Husky, this darling is among the cutest of the cute,” says Levine. “This playful breed is also very energetic, and maintains its puppy personality into adulthood.”

Also remember that Pomeranians have three types of faces, says Levine. “But the Teddy Bear face is among the cutest with its smooshed appearance,” she adds. “The eyes are a bit closer to the nose and the cheeks are fuller. Pair those irresistible characteristics with a fuzzy coat and tail curled over the back and you have a living Teddy bear.”

Not only is this combo of a Bichon Frise and a Poodle super cute, but the breed doesn’t shed, either. “This combination is fairly uncommon, but they have a nearly shed-free, cuddly wool coat, and they’re guaranteed to stop strangers in their tracks wanting to pet this curly cutie pie,” says Levine.

Chow Chows undeniably look like big, giant teddy bears, but if not trained properly they can be highly protective of their owners and suspicious of strangers.

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From cuddly Cockapoos to poofy Pomeranians to goofy Goldendoodles, these fluffy pups are taking over the Internet, one “who, me?” head tilt at a time. A childhood dream come true, these furry friends are almost unbearably cute.

When it comes to dog breeds that look like teddy bears, Cockapoos – aka Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mixes – top the list. Case in point: our fluff-faced friend Harry.

Coming in cuddly! We only have one question for you, Banks: HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL?

Hudson often stops to ponder the mysteries of the universe. How is he so fluffy? How is his little nose so adorable? How can anyone resist his puppy dog eyes?

Harry Pawter was named after legendary wizard Harry Potter, of course. And we can see why – this head tilt is pure puppy magic. Accio!

Warning: Do not visit Ferguson’s Instagram page if you have anything else to do today. His ears get fluffier and floppier with every scroll.

Meet Matthéo. He enjoys long walks by the water and looking like a majestic beach bear. Good boy, Matthéo.

Is Frodo a dog, or an enchanted Tolkienian creature? We don’t know – but we do know we want to snuggle him.

The recipe for teddy bear dog perfection? According to our buddy Rex, it goes like this: one part Bichon, one part Maltese, one part Fox Terrier, all parts adorable.

Leon goes way beyond the bear minimum. As a Pomeranian, he takes being Very Fluffy very seriously.

Cue the snooze! When you have a teddy bear as snuggly as Prince, getting out of bed is almost impossible.

Watch out, Paddington! Our friend Umi claims to be a Chow Chow, but we’re pretty sure he’s a teddy bear in disguise.

Otis is a mix between a Poodle and a Coton De Tulear, a famously floofy breed known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.” Your majesty, consider us smitten.

My, what big, adorable eyes you have! How many times do you think Buddy has heard the word “no” in his life?

We’re not sure how Kitsu’s itty-bitty bear face hasn’t broken the Internet (or the laws of physics). Say it with us: BOOP!

Why does Otto look so confused? Because just like us, he’s starting to suspect he’s a teddy bear, not a Chow Chow.

Yes, Brixton looks exactly like a stuffed animal – but we’re not sure if you should tell him that. Who’s a tough teddy? You are!

As a “Cavapoo,” Marlow is half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, half Poodle, and 100% the cutest teddy bear we’ve ever seen.

Raise your paw if you can’t resist a shaggy Labradoodle! Same here, Romeo – same here.

With their round faces, saucer eyes, funny faces, and boop-ready noses, dogs that look like teddy bears are pawsitively adorable. From teddy bear Pomeranians to teddy bear Poodles, we can’t get enough of their fuzzy faces and poofy paws. Stay snuggly, friends!