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What does a dog groomer do?

Dog groomers do all sorts of different tasks, but the most common is bathing, combing and trimming a dog’s coat. As a dog groomer, you also need to advise owners on correct coat maintenance, the products they might need at home and point out any skin conditions under the fur. Each dog that you groom will have different requirements — meaning that no two days are the same! The most typical tasks carried out by a dog groomer include:

  • Talking with clients about their dog’s requirements
  • Bathing and drying services
  • Carrying out checks on the coat for any infections
  • Carrying out more general basic health checks
  • Shaping and styling the dog’s coat
  • Carrying out simpler services such as trims and tidy ups
  • Providing additional services such as nail clipping, ear cleaning and teeth brushing
  • Giving advice to owners on how to take care of their dog’s coat
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • A dog groomer gets a lot of job satisfaction from being around animals all the time. Who wouldn’t want a job that involves getting to meet cute dogs everyday? Spending your working hours with new four-legged friends, helps to keep the job exciting and rewarding. In addition, it can give you a great sense of achievement to see both owners and dogs happy with your work.

    Being a dog groomer is a lot of fun but it also comes with responsibility. Regular grooming is an integral part of a dog’s health and wellbeing. Frequent grooming helps prevent infections, matted hair and many other health problems. For this reason, by working as a dog groomer you’re helping to raise the standards of animal welfare. Your job ensures that dogs are comfortable, clean and happy all year round. Many owners find it difficult to thoroughly groom and clean their dog at home, therefore professional groomers help to ensure that any issues are spotted and that helpful advice is given. Dog grooming is something that will always be needed and is certainly not a declining industry!

    What is the typical salary of a dog groomer?

    The average salary for a dog groomer in the UK is around £22,000, although this varies heavily depending on where you work. If you are self-employed then you can select your own charges based on what you see fit, whereas those working within a chain will have a fixed salary.

    Overall Satisfaction: High

    People who love their job are very much satisfied with their careers as dog groomers.

    Seeing how good the dog/pet looks after grooming will make any groomer proud.

    What qualifications do I need to become a dog groomer?

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    Once in a while, they take their dogs to dog groomers to keep them healthy and beautiful.

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