What should be in a dog walking bag? Find Out Here

Set Up Your In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contact Info on Your Phone

In case of an emergency, EMS can’t unlock your cell phone–but they can access the emergency contact information that you have set up.

I have an iPhone so emergency contact info is in the “Health” section; it includes drug allergies and John’s name and his cell phone number.

Emergency personnel could reach this information even if I were found unconscious and unable to unlock my phone.

To set up your ICE contact information on your phone, here are instructions for setting up both iPhone and Android devices. It only takes a minute and it literally could be a life saver!

Your Dog Walking Bag and the Absolute Essentials Needed

A dog walking bag may be one of two things: a backpack for your dog or a rucksack packed with all the necessary items for you and your dog to head out the door. I’ve frequently found myself walking my dog and missing some of the most important stuff I require. A ready-to-go dog walking bag helps to ensure that everything I need for any expedition if I had been more proactive the night before, but what should you put in a dog walking backpack?

When walking your dog, you’ll need a few things packed and ready to go. Dog poop bags, dog bowls and bottles, a leash and a collar, a tick pick, as well as a pet ID badge, are all included. However, depending on the sort of outdoor stroll you are going on, what you need might change rapidly, so pick your walk below to find out what you need!

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need in your backpack for the many walks you and your canine buddy may go on.

What should be in a dog walking bag?

Interior And Exterior Pockets

Interior pockets are a must-have for every dog walking bag. These pockets can be used to store dog poop bags and other items you might have.

Exterior pockets are required for other things you will need while walking. It should also have a treat pouch, space for holding cards, and dog training equipment such as clickers and whistles. It should also have a convenient clip to hold your keys or flashlight.

What’s in my DOG WALKING bag?

This dog walking bag is the perfect bag to take along when you are walking your dog. It has room for your essentials and for those pickup bags that you need along the way. This bag keeps those bags handy. There is space for your phone and ID as you take Fido for a walk or to the dog park. This is a simple bag making project that can be made by just about anyone even though there is a zipper in the front. I modified my Bumalong bag to create this bag and it is perfect for walking the dog so lets give it a try.

I used an adorable dachshund fabric that I ordered from a small fabric shop called Fabric Frenzy in Wimberley Texas that I discovered through a distant blogging friend of mine but you could head to JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores, Hobby Lobby, or Fabric.com to get exactly what you need for your dog walking bag. This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them I and make a purchase may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you would like a video of this project head over to YouTube and check out my step-by-step video on how to make this terrific little bag. While you are there subscribe to my free YouTube channel.