What should you do if your dog eats glue? Here’s the Answer

Causes of Super Glue Poisoning in Dogs

Super Glue poisoning is caused by having contact with Super Glue (cyanoacrylate) from:

  • Chewing on or eating glue
  • Sniffing glue tube or something recently glued
  • Rubbing head on something recently glued
  • Playing with Super Glue tube
  • Causes of Gorilla Glue Poisoning in Dogs

    The polyurethane based products can taste sweet, making them attractive to your pet. Steps you can take to keep your pet safe from ingesting this product include:

  • Clean spills promptly and thoroughly
  • Ensure that handymen, contractors, and other workers around your home and yard are being cautious with their adhesive products or remove your dog from the area while they are working
  • Keep the glue in a sturdy lockbox, in a secure cabinet or drawer, or a sturdy elevated shelf
  • Keep your dog away from your work area when working with polyurethane adhesives
  • “She had vomited a few times and the owners found the chewed up bottle,” the animal hospital wrote on Facebook. “Apparently it has a sweet smell/taste dogs like. Doc had to go in and it had basically made a mold of her stomach and doc had to break it up to get it out.”

    The veterinarian managed to help a Jack Russell Terrier avoid a slow and painful death by operating on the dog and removing the hardened substance from its stomach lining. The glue coated the dog’s stomach, and, as WLBT reports, had to be broken off in pieces.

    But it’s a warning to other pet parents to make sure the glue remains out of reach.

    Polyurethane glue, like Gorilla Glue, contains compounds that many dogs find appetizing. That is why it is so important to stay vigilant and keep all potentially toxic substances well out of reach from your dogs. And if you ever suspect that they may have ingested something they shouldn’t have, get them to the vet immediately.

    Gorilla Glue, it’s something that a lot of people probably have in their homes, so if you are a pet owner with Gorilla Glue in your house, you may want to double-check that it is securely away from your pets. A veterinarian from the Brandon Animal Hospital has posted pictures to social media, along with a warning to pet parents everywhere, to be careful of the potential dangers that come from your dog ingesting this stuff.

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