What Soared Above Hachiko In 1951

Theres plenty to do in NEO: The World Ends With You – and like many RPGs with dialogue options, that actually includes a couple of little quiz challenges, where NPCs will challenge you with a question-and-answer test of knowledge in order to net some handy rewards.

The first time youll be able to encounter the quizzes is on Day 4, during a side quest thats appropriately called Quiz or No Quiz. But after that, theres a handful of other Q&A quiz sessions you can answer in order to obtain various rewards.

On this page, we list the NEO TWEWY Quiz Answers alongside the questions, where to meet the quiz masters, and what rewards you get for getting it right. Once you hit the post-game, consider checking out our guide on the NEO: TWEWY Secret Reports, Boss Noises & Secret Ending.

Question: What soared through the skies above Hachiko in 1951? Answer: A cable car.

Neo: The World Ends with You Guide

This page is part of IGNs NEO: The World Ends with You walkthrough and guide, and details everything you need to know about the Day 4 Side Quests. Find out the answers to the quiz with questions about a palindrome and Hachiko in 1951, and more.

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    Despite being an RPG, Neo: The World Ends With You isn’t all about fighting and levelling up your character. As you play, you’ll come across various puzzles, quizzes and riddles you’ll need to solve. The first of these comes on Day 4 of the first week, when a Reaper will ask you to answer three questions. You’ll need to get them all right in order to move on.

    A palindrome is something that reads the same forwards as it does backwards. And since this question is asking for the product, you need to work out the answer of the sum. In this case, 21 multiplied by 12 is 252, a number that reads the same forwards as it does backwards.

    Day 4 – Quiz or No Quiz quest answers

    The first quiz youll encounter in Neo: TWEWY is part of a side quest thats appropriately titled Quiz or No Quiz. The answer is, er, quiz – as from here on in youre going to undertake a selection of quizzes across Neos representation of Tokyo in order to rack up some cool rewards.

    This first quiz can be found with NPC Katsuhiko Tanimaru, who is hanging out in the Shibuya Hikarie area. Theres 3 questions, and if you answer them correctly youll get a 1000 Yen pin as a reward, as well as getting Katsuhikos details updated in your social network. Heres the quiz questions & answers:

  • Q: “Which of the following products is a palindrome?”
    • Answer: 12 x 21
  • Q: “What breed of dog has a bronze statue in front of Shibuya Station?”
    • Answer: Akita
  • Q: “What soared through the skies above Hachiko in 1951?”
    • Answer: A Cable Car
  • FAQ

    What breed of dog has a bronze statue in front of Shibuya Station Neo?

    Hachiko was a real world Akita breed dog who inspired commemoration in statue form by loyally waiting at the Shibuya train station for his master to return every day.

    Where is Hachiko neo Twewy?

    Shop Description

    Right in the very heart of Shibuya, Hachiko Cafe is one of the first shops you get to experience. This cafe boasts a variety of drinks and meals that will surely leave you satisfied. Be sure to make a visit to complete your Food Collection!

    Where is a haven covered in green?

    The haven covered in green can be found in the Tower Records Shibuya area. Players who have completed the objective to look for a yellow building’s entrance will already be in the right zone.

    Which store is not in 104 neo Twewy?

    The other Reaper blocking the way will ask you a series of questions: Which of the following stores is not found in 104? Natural puppy.