What to do if a puppy is born not breathing? Here’s What to Expect

Emergency Pulmonary (Respiratory) Care

  • 1Drain the airway using gravity. Gently hold the puppy’s head downward for 5 to 10 seconds so that gravity can help drain any amniotic fluid and/or mucus from the mouth, throat, and lungs.
    • Centrifugal force can also be used to drain the fluid of the puppy’s lungs, but you should ask a veterinarian to demonstrate the process before attempting to do it. You’ll need to hold the puppy’s head and neck very secure while smoothly swinging the puppy down and in between your legs. The movement should not be jerky and you must ease the puppy into a gradual stop.[1]
  • 2Remove fluid using a suction bulb syringe. While keeping the puppy’s head tilted downward, use a medical suction bulb syringe to remove fluid from the puppy’s mouth.
    • Squeeze the bulb to remove the air from inside. Do this before inserting the bulb into the puppy’s mouth since doing so afterward would drive fluid further down into the lungs.[2]
    • Insert the tip of the suction bulb into the puppy’s mouth. The tip should reach the entrance of the puppy’s throat, but try not to force it too far into the throat since doing so could cause injury to the puppy’s airways.
    • Once the syringe is positioned, gradually release the squeezed bulb. The suction should draw fluid from the mouth and throat into the bulb.
    • Remove the bulb from the puppy’s mouth and squeeze it again to evacuate fluid and air. Repeat two or three more times, or until you stop drawing fluid out.
  • 3Breathe into the puppy’s nose and mouth. Gently breathe into the puppy’s nose and mouth two or three times to fill the lungs with air.
    • Position your mouth so that it is sealed around both the mouth and nose of the newborn puppy. Alternatively, you can hold the puppy’s mouth closed with your hand while positioning your own mouth over the puppy’s nose.
    • Breathe small, gently puffs of air into the puppy. Do not breathe too deeply since doing so can damage the puppy’s lungs.
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    Resuscitating a Newborn Puppy

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    1 Stimulate the puppy once it shows signs of life. As soon as the puppys heart begins to beat

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